New Release Friday: 12 songs out on December 18th

Here is the final New Release Friday roundup of the year (the next compilation will be on January 8, 2021).

Jonasu – “Black Magic”

German-born Amsterdam-based multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Jonasu (birth-name Jonas Kröper) has shared a spellbinding new song, “Black Magic”. Released on the label 3 Beat, the tropical-flavoured dance-pop track arrives next to a stunning music video. “Black Magic” features quite a tantalizing female vocal. Jonasu comments: “I wrote the song with the same team I did Sam Feldt’s – ‘Post Malone’ with’’… We had quite some fun the day we wrote this, chatting about our personal lives and talking about that feeling you get when someone has complete control over you. What you are thinking and how you are behaving, it’s like being under a spell: Hence the concept ‘Black Magic’, where we are combining dark and sexy energy.”

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FLAK x townsend – “Drown”

Chilean electronic producer FLAK and American vocalist townsend are bringing bittersweet emotions to the dancefloor with their new song, “Drown”. The melodic, pop-infused house jam describes that feeling of being betrayed by someone you really cared about. It has a chill vibe and a singalong effect. “Drown” will be followed by the release of an official video in January. After that, each artist will be delivering his own debut EP.

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Alex Shera – “Fire”

“Fire” is the debut single from Los Angeles-based pop artist Alex Shera. The beautiful song introduces us to the talented 17-year-old singer-songwriter. “Fire” is a heartwarming indie-pop piece penned about unconditional love. Alex says on the track, “‘Fire’ details the idea of when you feel like you’re suffering and falling apart, you still leave room to be there and help pull someone else out of their own fire, their own messes, their own world falling apart. You’re still willing to put that other person above yourself because you care too much. Basically the act of selflessness and the high that it gives you.”

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Loeck Swinkels – “Christmas Freedom”

Loeck Swinkels is a budding singer-songwriter from the Netherlands. The 16-year-old artist has shared a new single named “Christmas Freedom”. A chilling song, it totally flips the mood of Christmas. Loeck explains, “I started writing on this song because one of my friend’s dad died last year around Christmas time, so I realized that not everyone’s Christmas is a happy Christmas…” Despite the gripping lyrics, the song is so captivating musically.

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The Frontier – “Sleep”

“Sleep” is the latest release from American band, The Frontier. A folksy, acoustic indie-pop piece, the song oozes raw emotion. The delicate lyrics and vulnerable vocals describe a state of depression. Formed in 2016, the outfit is based out of Washington, D.C.. The Frontier have since released a couple of EPs and, in the process, amassed a dedicated fanbase.

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Ramiro Pinheiro x Edi Barcelo x Gabriel Amargant – “Choro Pro Zé”

Brazilian singer and guitarist Ramiro Pinheiro recently connected with musicians Edi Barcelo and Gabriel Amargant and effectively created a new rendition of the classic song, “Choro Pro Zé”. The original song was recorded in 1993 by Guinga and Aldir Blanc and is part of their album titled Delírio Carioca. This type of music is known as ‘Choro’ and is characterized by a jazzy, guitar-led sound.

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SirGeo – “Jubadi”

Emerging Afrobeat artist SirGeo has dropped a new anthemic tune. Titled “Jubadi”, the fun and vibey song is an ode to the late Fela Kuti. The track’s percussion-heavy and rhythmic instrumentation makes it quite dance-inducing. “Jubadi” is worth every repeated listen.

<<Fin SirGeo on Instagram>>

KairozMusic x Vicki Linden – “Love Won’t Turn Around”

Netherlands-based EDM producer KairozMusic and Polish vocalist Vicki Linden have once again teamed up for a record. The result is a progressive-house track called “Love Won’t Turn Around”. Taking cue from Kairoz’ blasting drums and vibrant synths, Vicki lays in her soaring and evocative vocals. The song proceeds with build-up of both energy and emotion. “Love Won’t Turn Around” is a sure bop.

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Tom East – “Can’t Let You Go”

“Can’t Let You Go” is a love-themed EDM song which arrives as the latest single from Tom East, a 22-year-old Tel Aviv-based Israeli producer. The track’s instrumentation melds effervescent synths with a groovy, energetic bass-line. Carrying a passionate female vocal, it’s the kind of song you irresistibly sing along to. Jam to “Can’t Let You Go”.

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Chris Bloom – “Half Empty”

Chris Bloom has unveiled another impressive single, “Half Empty”. While the R&B/pop song has an upbeat sound, it’s quite ruminative. In the artist’s own words, it is “about struggling to love someone based on the conditions surrounding them, but not wanting to let go because you’ll never find another person like them.” Chris Bloom is the moniker used by Christopher Burkich, an LA-based, US singer-songwriter, who originally hails from Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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Sharon Little – “Break My Heart”

Out now via Winding Way Records is Sharon Little‘s latest single, “Break My Heart”. The second single from her upcoming EP Another Galaxy (due January 22), the alt-pop track was produced by Grammy-winner Tim Sonnefeld. It’s a moving ballad about knowing that the one you love doesn’t have similar feelings for you. Sharon vulnerably begs for the kind of honest that she understand can only break her heart. Her powerful voice is clearly on the showcase in this beautiful song.

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AKINA – “Gravity”

J-pop star AKINA is sharing her second solo single, “Gravity”. This is also the first self-written song that the Japanese-American singer (and member of the group FAKY) is releasing. Produced by Yaffle, it arrives alongside a great looking music video directed by Yosuke Torii. “The ‘Gravity’ MV is so different from what you’re used to from me. I wanted to show a more real side of me to fit with the lyrics I wrote. I hope anyone who is in a difficult place can relate to my words,” says AKINA.

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