New Release Friday: 13 new songs out on January 8th

New Release Friday roundup returns for 2021 with this curated list of 13 new songs. Happy new year!

Devan – “Night Drives”

Devan, the Toronto-born London-raised Canadian singer-songwriter, re-emerges with a new single. “Night Drives” is another beautiful pop piece from the Wild Rivers band member. This release draws us closer to the unveiling of her upcoming debut EP, Pink Rose. “Night Drives” captures the feeling of driving around purposelessly at night with someone you love. The artist’s vocals soars beautifully over the amazing hip-hop influenced track.

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dp888 – “Parasite”

dp888 (a.k.a Deepy) is an emerging South Korean artist. He is a member of the Kinderparkers crew alongside WooJin and Sixway. The artist’s latest effort is a melody-driven and bass-heavy hip-hop tune called “Parasite”. The track is chill yet lively, with a fascinating guitar riff being punctuated by a bouncy kick. dp888’s heavy voice complements Glazer’s energetic production. The track was mixed by D.Peck and mastered by Matthew Kim.

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Kiani Alexandra – “Ask Me Out”

Bay Area, California native Kiani Alexandra has shared a new single called “Ask Me Out”. A funky pop jam with a singer-songwriter touch, the song sees the up-and-coming artist urging a guy she’s mutually attracted to to just go for it. She delivers her lyrics with sense of urgency. Kiani comments, “The song is all about letting a guy know that if he wants the girl, he has to go get her! It’s super fun and was super fun to write and record“.

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EDES x ZIDA – “Alive”

Oslo-based nu-Disco/house producer/artist EDES collaborated with Norwegian producer duo ZIDA to ensure we kick-start 2021 with positive vibes. His new single “Alive” is an electro-pop tune with an alluring vocal. The song is about celebrating life and relishing every moment of it. EDES remarks “‘Alive’ has been a long time coming, starting as I was jamming on the piano one day. Spending more time at home this last year has pushed me to step out of the studio and more to my acoustic piano, which definitely provides a different type of inspiration. I quickly found the vibe that is still present in the finished version, but a result of hours of work with Christoffer Simpson, half of producer duo ZIDA….

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MIME x GT_Ofice X Linney – “Young Hearts”

Every time MIME and GT_Ofice link up for a collaboration, the result is nothing but epic. This time the American EDM/house producers enlisted vocalist Linney for the song “Young Hearts”. The dance-pop anthem combines Linney’s sweet vocals with the producers’ blissful blend of synths and bass. According to the artists, “Young Hearts” is about meeting someone and experiencing a connection that makes you feel like like you’ve known them forever.

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Maindish Celery – “Come Back”

Starting out as a hip-hop producer, Japan’s Maindish Celery currently makes music spanning various styles. His latest single “Come Back” is a dance-inducing EDM/pop breathtaker. Carrying an inviting vocal, the deep-house record has a singalong effect. “Come Back” is an easy-going fun anthem.

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Zayde Wølf – “Back At It”

Nashville-based ‘anthem-machine’ Zayde Wølf returns with another impressive release titled “Back At It”. This is an energetic pop/rock track that carries the musician’s signature electronic-infused style. Zayde’s lyrics is reminiscent and uplifting and he delivers the song with infectious exuberance. With the artist, songwriter and producer’s planned third album in the works, “Back At It” serves as its first single.

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Gardner Leonard – “Mine”

Gardner Leonard is a UK pop-punk/emo duo made up of Daryl Gardner and Rhiannon Leonard. The pair will be dropping their debut album titled Milquetoast next week, January 15. Ahead of the release, they share the final single, “Mine”. The gripping female empowerment track was produced by Chris Dando & Ben Fitzharris. It is accompanied by a stunning video directed by AJ Davies & Chris Shearwood.

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Super Full Moon – “Across The Great Divide”

Zimbabwean-born British composer and producer Michael Palmer makes music under the moniker Super Full Moon. The musician has unveiled a mesmerizing new folk/rock single named “Across The Great Divide“. Besides laying his smooth vocals, Michael plays the guitar, bass and keyboard. John Blease (drums) and Didem Didor (backing vocals) support him as he delivers the moving piece. “Across The Great Divide” is an emotional tribute to Michael’s late dad and he dedicates it to all fathers and sons.

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Etaoin – “Bedroom Walls”

“Bedroom Walls” is the debut single from London-raised Irish singer-songwriter Etaoin. The acoustic-leaning indie-pop piece arrives via Made Records. It introduces us to the budding artist’s powerful voice and penchant for pop melodies. “Bedroom Walls” was inspired by a heartbreak. Etaioin adds, “When I listen to ‘Bedroom Walls’ now there’s a sense of waiting for my old self to come back. Not only waiting for someone else, but for yourself at the same time; wanting to be in contact with someone through lyrics, but not actually facing it. Pride can get in the way sometimes, people don‘t wanna look like they care. I‘m so guilty of that, I‘m scared of looking like I care too much. Especially with boys. So I just think of a million speeches, write texts, delete them and ask friends the same question over and over as if they know the answer“. This song is the first in a series of releases that will culminate in the artist’s debut EP.

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Groundstroem – “Boy on the Moon”

Stockholm’s Groundstroem has finally released his much-awaited debut EP, Boy on the Moon. Four tracks long, the project includes previously released single “Ain’t Got A Prayer” and the title-track (which arrives with the EP). It affirms the young and vocally gifted Swedish pop newcomer’s entry into the scene. Boy on the Moon is out via Norwegian label Sailor Music.

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Yarin Glam – “Realness”

Yarin Glam is a 22-year-old, Israeli-born Los Angeles-based artist. Melding Middle Eastern melodies with modern pop elements, her new single “Realness” sounds refreshingly unique. The song comes accompanied by a lovely music video and, actually, it’s the title-track of her planned new EP — previous song “Free” was the first single from the project. Realness is a collection of personal songs delivered over thumping pop beats.

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KS – “CRY”

Austrian rapper and social media superstar KS is back with another banger. The song is named “CRY” and was delivered over an awesome beat. As a contrast to the bouncy instrumental, the lyrics is so emotive. Sung in both German and English, “CRY” is about how KS’ actions brought pain to him and others around him. KS is the alias used by 27-year-old Marcel Dähne.

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