New Release Friday; new songs out on February 5th, 2021

New Release Friday weekly roundup and playlist update is here. Below are 16 of the songs we’ve picked.

NEIMY – “Knife out of my back”

Swedish pop songstress NEIMY has shared the song “Knife out of my back”. This one arrives as the first single from her upcoming EP, Trust Your Gut (due later in March). It finds the artist in her songwriting best. NEIMY comments, “‘Knife out of my back’ is about the feeling of wanting to forgive someone who really hurt you but not being able to and almost enjoying the bittersweet feeling of just that. It also has a glimpse of humour and irony in it. The lyrics tell a complicated and hurtful story. In contrast, the instrumentals are in major key, the vibe of the melodies are poppy and catchy and the beat is uptempo and groovy“.

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SJUR x Lovespeake – “Me In The Middle”

Norwegian electronic producer SJUR has returned with a new single featuring singer-songwriter Lovespeake. Named “Me In The Middle”, it’s an uplifting EDM/pop anthem released via Sony Music Norway. “For me, this is a very motivating song. It is about being able to achieve your goals and focus enough on yourself in order to achieve these. I have worked with Lovespeake on several sessions before and he is very skilled. And, with Jesper joining us we became a really good team,” says SJUR, who is hails from Bergen.

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Burak Bacio – “Take My Hand”

San Francisco-based DJ and producer Burak Bacio is back with a new track called “Take My Head”. An energetic house track, this one will raise both the numbers and temperatures on the dancefloors. Generally, it carries an upbeat groove filled with uplifting piano melodies and delightfully warm vocals. “Take My Head” maintains the vibes from his previous releases like “Get It Right“.

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JUICYPEAR – “Keep Your Love On”

An upbeat pop track with mellifluous vocals, Californian husband-wife duo JUICYPEAR‘s latest single “Keep Your Love On” is a welcome addition to our playlist. Its heartening melodies turn each listen into a rewarding experience. “Being married is not always an easy task,” says Jasmine, reflecting on the inspiration behind the new single. “You may have to stretch in ways you never thought you would and talk about emotions you never thought you had. But throughout the process of being in this relationship with each other, you start to see your love growing for one another as you ‘use your words’ to communicate and grow together. Keeping your love on for one another as you give each other space to grow and learn and be.” With each new release, Jacob and Jasmine Mayeda continue to capture our hearts.

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Yarin Glam – “Shut Up”

Yarin Glam‘s upcoming EP, Realness, is slowly taking shape, with the 22-year-old Israeli-born Los Angeles-based artist sharing a new single. This one is called “Shut Up” and it’s the third official leak from the planned EP. “Shut Up” is a rhythmic track with an inviting dance-pop allure. In contrast, the lyrics is self-aware. Such are the themes that Yarin addresses in the EP. “Shut Up” is accompanied by a lovely video filmed by Sam Cahill.

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PAENDA – “Lovers We Knew”

PAENDA is a pop singer-songwriter from Vienna, Austria. Those who’ve been following her career can attest to her undeniable vocal gift. To new listeners, the song “Lovers We Knew” is a perfect introduction to her. The song is out via Sick Kick Records and has an accompanying music video being released on February 7. “Lovers We Knew” is a fresh electro-pop track with catchy melodies and emotional lyrics. It’s the first single from the artist’s upcoming EP, My Issues.

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Hollywood Principle x MRKTS – “Mary”

San Diego-based, American electronic outfit Hollywood Principle have unveiled an upbeat electro-funk song called “Mary”. Working with MRKTS band’s Isaiah Blas whose piercing vocals dominate the track, they created a piece that perfectly blends pop, soul and disco elements. And “Mary” has one hell of an addictive hook. It is soaked in that infectious summer vibe.

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David Solomon – “Cross Your Mind”

Out now via the label Payback Records is the song “Cross Your Mind” by David Solomon. This is the New York-based DJ/producer’s first release of 2021. The vibrant house track is featuring a heartfelt vocal and emotional lyrics. Whether you’re watching the sunset or taking a long drive to reflect, you’ll find “Cross My Mind” perfect for that moment.

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Rare Monk – “Silverlake”

Rare Monk is an American indie-rock band from Portland, Oregon. The outfit has just shared a new full-length album titled Never Really Over. This LP carries nine amazing tracks, including the single “Silverlake”. The song, like the rest of the album, dives into social commentary. “‘Silverlake’ was written in reaction to the Californian invasion we experienced living in Oregon and more specifically Portland. Our once – affordable artistic haven has become overrun by Californians moving into our city, looking for a similar ‘scene’ at a lower cost and in turn raising our rent, all while complaining about the weather along the way. All the things that outsiders complain about; the rain, the moss and mold, the overcast weather, is what makes Oregon and our city unique, so if you don’t like it, move back to where you came from!,” says the band as about the song.

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Hayden Everett – “Kennecott”

Hayden Everett has unveiled a new song and video — and both are awe-inspiring. Named “Kennecott”, the song is an evocative folk/pop piece that tells the story of an abandoned Alaskan mining town from the early 1900’s. It’s written in form of a letter — from the perspective of the town — to those who failed to appreciate and protect its beauty. The cinematic video was directed and edited by Ben Weiland and Brian Davis. “Kennecott is simply magnificent.

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Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler – “emily”

As they’d promised, the duo of Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler have shared their new EP, brent ii. Arriving with the project is the new single “emily”. Like the other four songs on the EP, this one celebrates their undying music chemistry. Beautiful vocals, heartwarming harmonies and elegant melodies are all on the showcase. Lyrically, you stand to get your heart melted away.

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Sarah Tilghman – “I Belong To You”

Sarah Tilghman‘s “I Belong To You” is a confessional love song. It finds the Pittsburgh-born singer-songwriter promising her partner commitment while also asking for the same. “Falling in love can be scary, especially if you’ve experienced broken relationships but when you find the right person, it’s a magical feeling. I wrote this song for my husband. We got married at 22 and have now been together for 6 years…, ” she explains. The song embodies the theme of Valentines’ Day, which is one week away.

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Payson Lewis – “Only Yesterday”

Indie-pop newcomer Payson Lewis releases a new single, “Only Yesterday”. The indie-pop song is drenched in nostalgia, with the Philadelphia artist going ahead to explain: “In the wake of the end of something good, there are constant reminders. Anything can be a trigger into your past.” He wrote this piece together with Tom Zmuda. Erik Carlson and Adam Tressler played the guitars that accompany Lewis’ vocals. “Only Yesterday” was mixed by Ben Soldate and mastered by Eric Boulanger.

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Felix Saunders – “King of Nothing”

Felix Saunders is a folk singer-songwriter hailing from the Western Isles of the UK. On February 15, he will releasing a collection of songs titled I Guess This Is Progress. Asked about it, Saunders said, “To sum it up, my EP, I Guess This Is Progress, in a handful of words, it’s the sum of my mental health, failed relationships, trying to survive on jobs that barely pay you, and feeling isolated from the world“. Out now is the track “King Of Nothing”, a mournful song which the musician reveals was penned around a time when he lost almost everything: job, house and girlfriend.

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Caleb Hearn x Jillian Rossi – “under the weather”

“under the weather” is a new duet from emerging pop artists Jillian Rossi and Caleb Hearn. It was written as an expression of the sadness and loneliness brought about by staying in quarantine. Dressed in a glossy and elegant production, the track is filled beautiful vocal harmonies. The singers’ gratifying vocals shimmer above the elegant instrumentation.

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Samurae – “Cotton Candy Clouds”

Pittsburgh artist Samurae has delivered a beautiful new song she’s named “Cotton Candy Clouds”. This is, generally, an artful blend of different music flavours; there’s hints of R&B, soul, hip-hop and indie-pop. Samarae’s passionate vocals and clever lyrics are bound to have a wowing effect on the listener. “Cotton Candy Clouds” is marvelous in its simplicity.

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