Watch “Agua De Jamaica” and stream Maluma’s album, 7DJ (7 Días En Jamaica)

A fortnight ago, on his 27th birthday, Colombian Latin-pop superstar Maluma surprised fans with a 7-song visual album. Named 7DJ (7 Días En Jamaica), or ‘7 Days In Jamaica’ in English, the project explores the Caribbean island, its people and culture.

“Those seven days in Jamaica came at a time when I needed to escape and decompress as I had intensely worked non-stop on my career for seven years… causing me to question if I should even continue doing music. I did a lot of soul-searching and came back a different person, completely inspired and having realized that music is not just what I do, its part of who I am; how I experience and interpret life.”


Sonically, it sees him embracing the reggae and dancehall sounds — he has songs with Charly Black and Ziggy Marley. The focus song “Agua De Jamaica” is highlighted above.

Listen to the entire mini-album below while you keep up with Maluma on Instagram.


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