Pop music roundup: 15 new songs to add to your playlist

Spice your playlist with these new pop songs. The tracks’ sounds range from indie to electronic.

Hauskey – “Go Wrong”

Quick-rising Australian artist and producer Hauskey returns with a new single, “Go Wrong”. Few months ago, he’d shared Slow EP (including the song/video “Silver Lining“) and fully captured our hearts with his soulful indie-pop style. Speaking about “Go Wrong”, the newcomer explains, “If you’ve heard my music, you’ve probably picked up an air of pessimism in my writing. Lately, some exciting stuff has been happening, but my natural tendency to expect the worst is holding me back from enjoying it. And so, we have ‘Go Wrong;’ me and my brain being unable to celebrate a win, however small, because it’s so quickly on the lookout for the next stumbling block.” The lyrics is, however, a contrast to the track’s warm melodies.

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King Klio – “Circles”

Los Angeles-based independent artist King Klio’s music is an eclectic mix of her various influences. She’s been able to create a sound so unique, just as her new single “Circles” exhibits. Produced by Lou Koo and Cambo, this is an amazing electro pop track with soulful melodies and inviting synths. The song sees King Kio empowering fellow women with her passionate lyrics.

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NIGHTMÅNE – “Misfits”

NIGHTMÅNE is an American-Norwegian electro-pop duo consisting of Anthony Starble and Sigurd Heimdal. The outfit has shared the single “MISFITS”, a rebellious anthem. This is the followup to their debut, an 80s-influenced synth-pop track. Euphoric and zestful; “MISFITS” urges defiance to the society’s pressures on individuals to fit in. It is about reclaiming your power of self-expression.

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Girl in the Garden – “Lose My Mind”

“Lose My Mind” is a new disco-pop track from Girl in the Garden, the moniker for Idaho-based singer-songwriter Kate Plaisted. It’s her first song of the year and follows from her 2020 single “Getting Over”. This new piece is moody and passionate, with the singer wanting out of a relationship. It’s about the realization that your partner isn’t the one. She sings: “If you love me, let me go”.

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Blue Canopy – “Banji”

Ahead of his new EP Sleep While You Can, Blue Canopy (a new solo project of multi-instrumentalist and former Modern Rivals band keyboardist Alex Schiff) shared the last single, “Banji“. Working with frequent collaborator Patrick J Smith (the musician and producer behind A Beacon School), he created this sumptuous track. The upcoming EP drops March 5.

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Haunter – “Illuminate”

US-based alt-pop band Haunter have delivered a new single named “Illuminate”. Out on the label Print Money Gang, it’s a flavourful pop-rock track carrying hints of hip-hop. It blends ethereal guitars, trap style percussion and arresting vocals. “Illuminate at it’s core a love song,” says band guitarist Enoma Asowata, “We wanted to write a song about those quiet moments in a relationship when you take a breath and realize that you’ve fallen completely and hopelessly in love with your partner. Something as they way they look at you ignites this response. We’re always sort of fascinated about that moment.” Other members of the outfit are Lucy LeNoir (vocals), Tyler Smyth (producer), Mike Ray (guitar, keys) and Mark Schroeder (bass).

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Flora Cash – “Feeling So Down”

“Feeling So Down” is a heartbreaking song by Swedish pop duo Flora Cash. Coming in the same vein as their platinum-selling single “You’re Somebody Else”, this is one of those songs that hits you regardless of your emotional situation. The chilling lyrics, paired with the singers’ affecting vocals, gives the song its captivating edge. The elegant production is but an icing the cake.

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Ray Le Fanue x Saphir Avalin – “That’s How I’m Feeling”

Out now via BonFire Records is “That’s How I’m Feeling”, the latest single from Australian producer Ray La Fanue. It’s a delicious dance-pop track that features infectious vocals of Saphir Avalin. Backed by strong melodies and a great production, the singer delivers the sweet, romantic lyrics. “That’s How I’m Feeling” is fun, lighthearted and irresistibly danceable.

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Sivilian – “Boredom Paradise”

Swiss artist Sivilian‘s new single “Boredom Paradise” is an urgent wake-up call. He brings our awareness to the dangers of being immersed in the world of digital entertainment and technology. The song is about “binge-watching an entire season over a weekend, about picking up the phone for the 79th time, starring at the screen and about spending a lifetime online.” The song is so melodic, both vocally and in its instrumentation.

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Iris – “Mery Go”

Los Angeles-based New Zealand singer Iris is getting ready to shake the pop music scene. Just grab a listen of her latest single “Merry Go” which arrived side-by-side with a colourful video. The song is about drama in relationships and I bet it will resonate with most people. It’s lifted from her upcoming album, Art After Dark.

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Ludic – “Digital Release”

Canadian funk/pop trio Ludic have reemerged with another blissful tune. Named “Digital Release”, the song is an ode to the things (digital media and all) that fuel our imagination and offer us an escape from reality. The track sounds so fresh, even though it takes inspiration from the past. But then again, that’s what we’ve come to expect of the outfit, which consists of Ayla Tesler-Mabe, Rhett Cunningham, and Max Cunningham.

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Simone Valentina – “Ross & Rachel”

Simone Valentina took inspiration from the relationship of one of the most iconic sitcom couples to create her new latest single, “Ross & Rachel”. The 23-year-old Nashville singer-songwriter uses the song to explain the ‘honeymoon phase of a new relationship’ when you think you’ve found that perfect someone. The track’s retro-inspired pop sound feels more than suitable for the song as it conjures nostalgia. “Ross & Rachel” is just so beautiful.

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Gabe James – “Thought of the Feeling”

“Thought of the Feeling” is a beautiful new love song from Colorado native Gabe James. The heartwarming indie-pop piece showcases the artist’s vocal and songwriting abilities. About “Thought of the Feeling”, he explains,“The meaning behind this song tries to articulate that honeymoon phase in your relationship that has a spark where everything is super exciting and new. A fun fact about the song is that we made it on this really shitty pottery barn kids desk that was sawed in half by one of my friends’ roommates – the setup was terrible but I guess you can say I owe this song to that desk”. The singer-songwriter will be sharing a series of EPs, with this song marking the beginning of a string of releases.

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Sulene – “i still think you’re so fake”

New York-based South African alt-pop artist Sulene will be sharing her he•don•ic EP on March 5 (via Trash Casual). Ahead of it, she did unveil the single “i still think you’re so fake”. This is an electro pop track that features a lovely mix of synths and guitars. “i still think you’re so fake” is about dealing with an ex’s involvement with your close friends. It was released alongside an awesome video that the singer co-directed with Drew ofthe Drew.

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Mimoza – “Young Queen”

Mimoza is an LA-based singer and songwriter who is originally from Kosovo (she also has Albanian roots). Her latest release is the single/video, “Young Queen”. This is an explosive pop anthem that pays tribute to all the mothers (including hers) who raise their daughters as ‘young queens’. Mimoza also shows love to her country of birth and the culture that empowers women.

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