New Release Friday: songs out on March 12th

Another week, another update on New Release Friday playlist. Below is a roundup of some of the songs in the playlist.

USERx x Pusha T – “My Body Left My Soul”

USERx, the new duo consisting of singer/songwriter Matt Maeson and producer/designer Rozwell, have shared their self-titled debut EP. USERx is seven tracks long and was released on Neon Gold/Atlantic Records. Highlighted above is the song “My Body Left My Soul” which saw the duo collaborating with rapper Pusha T. Other artists featured on the project include West Banks, Masego and Manchester Orchestra.

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Komodo – “Easy Prey”

Created from an concoction of flavours, Dutch alt-rock band Komodo‘s new single “Easy Prey” is a sublime piece. The song carries the kind of energy that they usually bring on stage — they’ve played festivals like Noorderslag (Netherlands) and Trans Musicales (France). Heavily rhythmic, “Easy Prey” has awesome feelgood vibes and carries a great cinematic feel. The song was written by Tommy Ebben and mixed by Rutger Drenth.

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Marina Matiss – “Give Me Love”

Barcelona-based emerging singer-songwriter Marina Matiss has shared an affecting new song, “Give Me Love”. The vulnerable piece is steeped in honesty, with the artist and model expressing her quest for love. Co-produced with Arthur Pingrey, “Give Me Love” mixes dramatic drums, gripping piano and emotive strings. The song is an anthem for the lovesick and lovelorn.

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Alyria x Bixxi – “Out Of My Way”

“Out Of My Way” is a passionate and sexy new R&B song by Icelandic artists Bixxi and Alyria. This is their second duet, the first being “Flame“. Each new song they deliver showcases their multiple talents. “Out Of My Way” was written by the two, produced & mix/mastered by Bixxi and accompanied by a befitting video directed by Alyria.

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Mighloe – “Don’t Call Me”

Up-and-coming Canadian R&B artist Mighloe has released a new single, “Don’t Call Me”. Paired with a lovely visual, it arrives as the first official leak from her forthcoming EP, Desperate Times. “Don’t Call Me” finds the singer-songwriter at the breaking point as she feels very weary of love. About the song, she comments, “Writing ‘Don’t Call Me’ came from a place of being fed up. There are so many people that come in and out of our lives, and sometimes these people hinder our stability and sense of self. This song was my way of saying ‘enough!’. I will no longer let these people take parts of myself. It’s me realizing that my energy is sacred and will not be disturbed…” The track was produced by Dean Vision and LateNightDrive.

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MitiS x Zack Gray – “Hurt”

Out now via Ophelia Records is this massive EDM/electropop track, “Hurt”. The song is by American dance-pop producer MitiS and features vocals of Zack Gray. It’s the final single from MitiS’ upcoming second album, Lost. “Hurt” is both melancholic and explosive. Gray’s powerful gives the chorus a more captivating allure.

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Douglas .T x Alice Hermansson – “Let U Go”

Swedish EDM wunderkind Douglas .T is back with a new single, “Let U Go”. This one features young vocalist Alice Hermansson who comes in with a chilling delivery. It is about how human corruption dictates how people interact on social media; the norms are that perfection is glorified and flaws glorified. “Let U Go” exhibits maturity beyond the artist’s age. He is only 15 years old.

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Amour – “Reason To Stay”

Emerging UK artist Lauren Amour (known simply as Amour) has dropped a new song named “Reason To Stay”. Only her second single, it points us to the 22-year-old singer’s bright star. The breakup-themed electro-pop song follows her debut single “Circles” and her feature on Brazilian producer Mojjo’s new song “It’s True”. Amour is working with the independent label Soul Kitchen Music.

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Eelke – “Mirror”

Dutch indie-rock musician Eelke has shared a new single and the title-track to his upcoming new EP. “Mirror” follows the singles “I’m A Man” and “Too Much Too Soon”, both of which were added to our New Release Friday playlist upon release. This new song continues in the singer-songwriter’s vibrant and explosive style. Lyrically rousing, it was inspired by a sentence from Hermann Hesse’s book Demian, which reads: ‘If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn’t part of ourselves doesn’t disturb us.’

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Gina Brooklyn – “Selfish Air”

Ohio-born singer-songwriter Gina Brooklyn has returned with a new single, “Selfish Air”. Working with Dan Epand, she did create a heart-gripping piece that will resonate with many listeners. Speaking about “Selfish Air”, Gina explained, “It came from a really raw place – a genuine desire for goodness and love that this world is incapable of giving. This is probably one of the most vulnerable songs I’ve ever written!”. Musically, the track carries an infectious pop/rock sound.

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Sŵnami – “Theatr”

Welsh 5-piece band Sŵnami (pronounced ‘tsunami’) have shared a new double-single. This release includes the tracks “Theatr” and “Uni, Cydio, Tanio“. It’s the outfit’s debut release on Recordiau Côsh Records and their first since 2017. Sung in Welsh language, “Theatr” is a dreamy, melodic and euphoric pop/rock song written about an imperfect romance. Band member Ifan Ywain says: “’Theatr’ is about a toxic relationship, where one person wants to get back with the other. It feeds into the broader idea of escapism in terms of wanting to escape a broken, unhealthy situation and wanting something more. The song is very much a conversation between two people.

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Zola – “Not Like Other Girls”

Zola is an 18-year-old Boston native and talented singer-songwriter. The quick-rising artist has just released a new indie-pop tune called “Not Like Other Girls”. This is taken from her upcoming album titled, Now You See Me. “Not Like Other Girls” is an ode to the spiteful nature of some young girls. Zola’s strong vocal delivery captivates the listener’s attention throughout.

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Courtney Paige Nelson – “Andy”

“Andy” is a melodic dark/electro-pop track by Californian singer-songwriter (and former top model) Courtney Paige Nelson. The post-breakup song finds its blunt edge from the artist’s candid lyrics, whose impact is further compounded by the fact that ‘Andy’ is her ex’s actual first-name. Courtney explains, “After being toyed with for 8 months I broke up with a guy who left me feeling like I didn’t know what reality was. He was so in and out of our ‘relationship’. I didn’t know what he thought, how he felt, what he wanted, and this continued till I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to break it off for my own sanity.” She proceeds to say that the song is intended to be an anthem for those women who constantly get manipulated into situations where the guy leaves them questioning not only their sanity, but ‘what even are we?’.

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Peter Fenn – “Far Away”

Folk-influenced pop singer-songwriter and producer Peter Fenn is back with another touching piece. Named “Far Away”, the affectionate song comes ahead of his forthcoming EP which is scheduled for an April 2021 release. It is the follow-up to the wistful “Pass Me By“, which was his first single of the year. “Far Away” is romance-driven and will get us reminiscing life’s best moments.

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Christy – “Forever”

Christy continues to embrace his indie-folk background as he releases another overwhelming piece, “Forever”. The wistful song comes paired with an acoustic live performance video. “Time is a strange concept,” Christy says about the song, “It passes us by in a flash. Looking into an ever changing face is an everyday reminder of how much of it has actually gone by. You can’t promise forever, because forever in a moment right now is different from forever in a moment tomorrow. Moments and people are constantly changing.” The single is out via Made Records.

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Roger Perelló – “Yellow & Blue”

“Yellow & Blue” is a new indie-folk song by singer-songwriter Roger Perelló. It’s both moody and nostalgic. The artist explains the lyrics, “It is about remembering a past romantic relationship that failed with nostalgia, but from a place of acceptance. I wanted to create a song that, with raw, honest lyrics and nostalgic melodies would move people. When I wrote Yellow & Blue, I had recently been through heartbreak and creating it definitely helped me get all the emotions out, which helped my healing process.” Roger is a Barcelona born-and-raised who is currently based in London.

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What If Elephants x Flara K – “Guilty Pleasure”

With delightful melodies and pleasing lyrics, “Guilty Pleasure” by Montreal indie-pop band What If Elephants is so captivating. The fun and upbeat song features Canadian duo Flara K, whose amazing style adds to its overall flavour. Lyrically, it reminds us to embrace our various ‘guilty pleasures’. The track is lifted from the quartet’s upcoming EP called Relationship Status.

<<Find What If Elephants and Flara K on Instagram>>

Drew Schueler – “Lovely Girl”

Nashville’s Drew Schueler is back with a seductive new song, “Lovely Girl”. Built around dance-inducing pop beats and enticing melodies, it feels quite irresistible. “Lovely Girl” is one of the songs the artist created during the 2020 quarantine period. You can expect more releases and collaborations from him.

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