New Release Friday: songs out on March 26th

Here is this week’s selection of songs added to New Release Friday playlist.

Kid Travis – “Two Late”

American R&B/pop artist Kid Travis is back with another awesome track, “Two Late”. It is another addictive tune from an artist who’s become known for his catchy songs. “Two Late” is heavier on rhythms as compared to some of Travis’ latest releases. It finds him pleading with a lover for another chance.

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Olive B – “Conversations”

Olive B is an up-and-comer from Canada. 2021 will see her drop a new EP. The first single from the upcoming project arrives today March 26. It’s named “Conversations”. The track mixes punchy beats, an emotive guitar line and soft melodies. Olive comes in with her inviting vocals as she reminds us that, just because someone is having a conversation with or about you, doesn’t mean you have to engage.

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Taylor B-W – “Nunchucks”

“Nunchucks” is a new alt-R&B single from Sydney-born New Zealand singer-songwriter, Taylor B-W. The pop-ready track beautifully combines energy and attitude, giving fans a fresh and fun jam. Produced by Shivaji, it was accompanied by an awesome and playful visual. About “Nunchucks”, the singer says, “The song is about giving up on a relationship; I’ve done as much as I can, there’s nothing else worth fighting for in this partnership. So why bother? It’s a no strings attached pop song: nothing deep, just fun.

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seeyousoon – “Matte Black”

seeyousoon is a 9-member collective from the US city of Florida. The outfit has been on a meteoric rise, capturing attention of fans and taste-makers alike. Their 14-track debut album, VIDE, was particularly captivating. This time, seeyousoon are returning with a new single “Matte Black”. This is a gloomy, glitchy hip-hop with lots of energy.

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Mi Casa x YouNotUs – “Chucks”

“Chucks” is a fun and uplifting dance anthem that brought together German electronic duo YouNotUs and Johannesburg-based South African trio Mi Casa. Both outfits’ styles involve love playing with melodies, meaning any collaborative track from them had to catchy. This song blends various house music flavours and further infuse Afro-fusion and pop elements. The warm, joyous vocals and euphoric lyrics will get the listener singing along.

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Becky Hill – “Last Time”

There’s something about Becky Hill‘s music that makes you want to sing at the top of your lungs. Her newest single “Last time” retains that irresistible edge. Written by Becky Hill and produced by Lostboy, the song is lifted from the fast-rising singer-songwriter’s upcoming debut studio album. “I could talk the usual BS about how ‘excited’ I am to be releasing this single, but as much as that’s true, it’s more than excitement for me,” says Becky Hill about this new release. “’Last Time’ marks the start of me seeing the fruits of years of hard graft. THIS is the year of my debut album release and I couldn’t think of a better song to be kicking off my album year with than ‘Last Time’“.

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GT_Ofice x ZHIKO – “Body Talks”

Dance music producer GT_Ofice makes his Soave Records debut with a new track called “Body Talks”. The song saw the Manhattan, New York-based artist working with ZHIKO, an EDM producer and vocalist from Dublin, Ireland. It’s a melodic house track characterized by a combination of swinging pianos, an uptempo beat and infectious vocals. “Body Talks” is worth every repeat listen.

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Sedona Port x Jamie Wiltshire – “Let the Fire Burn”

The song “Let the Fire Burn” marks the debut for Stockholm-based Swedish band, Sedona Port. Featuring vocals of Jamie Wiltshire, it has all the hallmarks of an anthem. The song is an amalgam of synth-pop, rock and EDM. From composition to production and delivery, “Let the Fire Burn” is simply amazing.

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Kamma x Sune Rose Wagner – “Heartbroken”

Danish singer-songwriter Kamma did collaborate with producer Sune Rose Wagner to create her newest song, “Heartbroken”. The electro-pop track arrives as the second single from the artist’s upcoming debut EP, Momentary Emotions. The song, she reveals, comes from a special place. Putting things into perspective, Kamma says, “… it represents the heartache that has been particularly consistent in the last few years. I wrote the song one day when I played some random chords on the piano. I let myself get carried away by the undefined and calm mood of not being busy, not having to reach certain goals. It’s a pretty different way of writing songs than what I’m used to.” The record is out via W.A.S. Entertainment.

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Sophia Fracassi – “Wish I Never Met You”

Sophia Fracassi has just released her debut single, “Wish I Never Met You”. The emotive, piano-led song showcases the 17-year-old Ontario-based singer/songwriter’s powerful voice. Also being highlighted is her ability to pen evocative pieces. “Wish I Never Met You” feels raw and honest, with the artist drawing the listener in with her heartfelt delivery. The song opens an interesting chapter for the artist who began performing for audiences at the age of 5.

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Hollow Coves x Priscilla Ahn – “Lonely Nights”

Australian indie-folk duo Hollow Coves are sharing a new single, “Lonely Nights”. The song features singer-songwriter Priscilla Ahn (who has herself dropped a new EP) and was accompanied by a music video shot in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. “Lonely Nights” is generally a tender and moving piece. It’s the first song the duo have produced and recorded themselves.

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Portair – “Where The Sun Goes Down”

Portair has announced he is working on his debut EP, The Light That Gives, to be released on June 24. Alongside the news, the Australian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer has shared a new single called “Where The Sun Goes Down”. The folksy, indie-pop song is an ode to life’s wild and thrillsome experiences. Portair explains, “This song is an upbeat, carefree song about living life. It’s a personal account of stories I’ve lived out in my own life and the memories they’ve brought. It’s about not needing a place to call home, except for where you are. Chasing the sun, following it until it goes down, and doing it all again. It’s a missive to people to let go and live. Something that I often have to tell myself. Sometimes when I feel stuck, I look back at everything I’ve done and all the life I’ve lived and it brings me some comfort, knowing that I have followed my gut and given it everything I have.”

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Fátima Pinto – “No Necesito”

Costa Rican artist Fátima Pinto returns with a lovely new tune, “No Necesito”. The Latin-pop track sounds quite refreshing. Lyrically, it’s an empowering and liberating dedication to all the women who’ve been in relationships that have left them feeling drained. “No Necesito” was produced by Manuel Lara and mix/mastered by Luis Barrera.

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Kid Riz – “Bad Boys Cry”

Kid Riz has been buzzing in the Montreal urban/pop scene. The 19-year-old newcomer has just released a new single, “Bad Boys Cry”. It’s an elegant and melodic R&B/pop track driven by an acoustic guitar. The song is about admitting emotional fragility. The artist’s vulnerable vocal delivery helps convey his profound message.

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Chris Kabs – “More Than a Number”

“More Than a Number” is a soulful, Afro-pop influenced alt-R&B single by Irish artist Chris Kabs. Self-written and self-produced, it is a powerful piece that delves into the issue of police brutality. Chris explains, “‘More Than a Number’ was inspired by the never ending situation that we have going on within the black community – being killed by police brutality – and also black police men killing black people in Africa. The aim of the song is to shed light to the matter with the hope that our voices and actions can help make an impact.” The release will be followed by a music video to drop on March 31.

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3ple B – “Endless”

“Endless”, the new song by South African rapper 3ple B, finds her feeling bullish as she keep us aware of her impending ascent. It follows her single “Rich Cocoa”. The artist is, in fact, working on a collaborative EP with Cut Beetlez. Produced by Beats By Blass and engineered, “Endless” sees B flexing her lyrical muscles over a bass-driven hip-hop instrumental.

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Alexander Grandjean x Maenad – “On My Mind”

Alexander Grandjean, the emerging artist and producer from Denmark, continues to advance his unique sound. His latest offering is a song named “On My Mind”. Featuring alluring vocals of singer Maenad, the bouncy R&B-track has a dark vibe compounded by the vocalist’s mysterious aura. “On My Mind” is the second single off of Grandjean’s forthcoming debut album, Via Motion.

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Leonail x Abel Romez x Blaikz x Séb Mont – “Somebody New”

Emerging German electronic producers Leonail, Abel Romez and Blaikz have joined forces to deliver this awesome deep house jam, “Somebody New”. It’s a synth-driven track that features mesmerizing vocals of Australian singer Séb Mont. The song is melancholic, with Mont’s lyrics describing a man’s struggle to move on after a failed relationship. Overall, it’s an irresistible dance tune.

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