Listen: IAMTHELIVING x Teon Gibbs – ” Boxes”

The dynamic duo of Vancouver-based artist IAMTHELIVING and rapper producer Teon Gibbs has already impressed us with some amazing releases. Excitingly, the two are set to release a soulful collaborative EP, JNGL. Currently, they have a new single called “Boxes”. The song gives us a taste of what to expect from the EP, which is inspired by the UK R&B scene.

“Boxes” melds R&B and hip-hop worlds, with the result being a smooth and delicious piece of music. About it, IAMTHELIVING says, “The song is about being single for a long period of time, not having to commit to anyone, and just being out there having fun and playing the field, but at the same time, hoping to find that one to settle down with, and out of nowhere finding someone who ticks every single box of what you’ve been truly looking for.”

Listen and connect with the artists on Instagram: IAMTHELIVING | Teon Gibbs

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