It’s a brilliant debut as Cy shares her first single, “My Name Next To Yours”

Amanda Cygnaeus brings her songwriting excellence to her debut single as Cy. The 26-year-old Swedish artist has just released her first single, “My Name Next To Yours”. Prior to this, she’d been writing for the likes of LÉON, Iggy Azalea, Paloma Faith, Soleima and Icona Pop.

“My Name Next To Yours” introduces her fresh brand of indie-pop. The track is packed with luscious driving guitars and irresistible melodies. It sees Cy coming to terms with her frustrations, delivering her raw, emotional lyrics in a daydreamy fashion.

I wrote it after my first real heartbreak, back when me and my ex-girlfriend broke up. I have a tendency to either romanticize the past or worry about the future, so this was a way of reminding myself of what the relationship was really like and the fact that she ditched me. Kind of ‘how dare you?’ but at the same time feeling okay cause you know that you just weren’t right for each other. I had built up those emotions for a while, so the song literally flew out of me,” Cy reveals.

Watch the music video and follow Cy on Instagram.

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