Sarpa Salpa release new EP, A Feeling You Can’t Replace

Northampton rockers Sarpa Salpa have just shared A Feeling You Can’t Replace, their latest collection of songs. The EP carries 6 nostalgia-evoking tracks, including singles like “Another Life”.

The project arrives with 3 new songs, one of them being “Ghost”. This is an electronic-influenced indie/rock/pop tune that speaks about the complexities of being in a relationship with somebody who is already committed to somebody else. Another song named “As Good As It Gets” came accompanied by a lovely visual (posted above).

Speaking about the EP, band guitarist George Neath divulges: “The title ‘A Feeling You Can’t Replace’ sums up how we were feeling when writing this EP. We miss live music and the ability to interact with both our fans and other musicians. We are so grateful that we were able to write over the Internet but it cannot replace the feeling of performing live music together, we feel like many can relate to this at the moment.”

Stream A Feeling You Can’t Replace and stay connected with Sarpa Salpa on Instagram.

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