New video “Not Like Them” introduces us to the intriguing world of Leah Clark

As the year progresses, Leah Clark is one of the exciting artists to watch. Listening to her new single “Not Like Them”, you immediately get why the New Jersey-born burgeoning singer-songwriter is buzzing.

“Not Like Them” is a broody, ethereal song delivered over a sinister pop production. Leah’s glossy vocals glimmer over the reverbed-out, electronic track as she pours out her emotions. Still, her performance on this song is full of sultry energy, this also coming on display in the Ari Nissenbaum-directed music video. The visual is beyond stunning.

I wrote ‘Not Like Them’ at a time in my life when I was struggling mentally. I felt like everything was out of my control. I felt powerless and fearful of the world but more so, the people that were in it. My emotions are raw in this song, Not Like Them is my think piece.”

Leah Clark

The artist is getting closer to the release of her debut EP. Follow her on Instagram.

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