New Release Friday: songs out on April 23rd

Every Friday, the Aipate Team picks new songs for our New Release Friday playlist. Here is this week’s selection.

Mighloe – “Rainy Days”

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Mighloe is back with a new track called “Rainy Days”. The second single lifted from her upcoming Desperate Times EP, the song sums up the R&B artist’s elegant style. Produced by Late Night Drive and Dean Vision, the track is smooth, groovy and finds warmth in Mighloe’s sultry and soulful vocals. “‘Rainy days’ is about opening yourself up to requited love! A love that goes both ways. It’s sweet and sexy and drenched in obsession. It’s about begging for the rainy days, for the sorrows because in those desperate times, when we are weak; is where our love is the strongest,” says the emerging singer about the song. “Rainy Days” arrives accompanied by an enticing visual performance from the Canadian.

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Masa – “Komorebi”

Japanese singer-songwriter, guitarist and composer Masa (birth-name Mamoru Satoh) has shared a lovely piece named “Komorebi”. It is a distinctly sounding R&B/pop track that reminds us that the way we perceive the world determines our realty. “If you appreciate small beautiful things around you, like Komorebi, your life is beautiful,”says Masa. According to the UK-trained musician, ‘Komorebi’ refers to the ‘subtle sunlight as it filters through the trees’. The song is soothing and therapeutic but also profoundly enlightening.

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Olakira x Zuchu – “Sere”

East and Western Africa connect as emerging Nigerian Afro-pop star Olakira links up with phenomenal Tanzanian singer-songwriter Zuchu on a new song. Named “Sere”, it’s a dance-inducing track that celebrates love. The title ‘sere’ means ‘play’ in the Nigerian language of Youruba. Explaining the meaning of the song, Olakira says, “‘Sere’ is about inviting a love interest to come to hang out and play.” The track is first official leak off of Olakira’s forthcoming 4Play EP.

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Icon South x whynotcordell – “My Script”

Los Angeles-based Dallas native Icon South is back. This times, the artist and producer did collaborate with whynotcordell, an artist friend of his (and fellow Los Angeles resident). The single is called “My Script” and sees Icon shifting to a different sonic lane. Produced by Aizbi, it is an emotive rap song that brings the best of both artists. Altogether, “My Script” is so catchy.

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Lauren Mascitti – “One Life Stand”

As the follow-up to her 2020 album titled God Made a Woman, Louisville, Ohio-raised singer-songwriter Lauren Mascitti returns with a new single and video. Named “One Life Stand”, it’s a gladsome concoction of jazz and country music flavours. “I was just messing around with some jazz chords one day and ended up with a love song, because I was falling in love,” the artist (and professional nurse) comments joyfully. Mascitti was a contestant in the ABC television show, American Idol.

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Luke Marshall Black – “Skin”

Luke Marshall Black has unveiled his latest single, “Skin”. Filled with emotions that grips the listener tighter as the track proceeds, the indie-pop ballad showcases the Scottish singer and songwriter’s ability to create soul-stirring music. This release marks the first time Luke ventures into production. “I think when you find the thing that really sets your soul on fire, you’ve gotta chase after it. Because even if it’s out of the ordinary, if you don’t do it, what’s the point in doing anything, you know,” says the independent musician about his drive to pursue music.

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Nosis – “Siempre Tú”

Mexican 5-piece band Nosis have built a name around their eclectic sound and engaging live performances. Now, the outfit is returning with an enchanting new single, “Siempre Tú”. This is an indie rock/pop track with magnificent instrumentation and strong, passionate vocals. It was produced by Darrell Thorp and Enzo Villaparedes and released on Rasta Records.

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Alyx Ander x Tom Hall x BB Diamond – “Sing To The Sun”

US electronic producer Alyx Ander is back on London label Perfect Havoc. The track he has just released is christened “Sing To The Sun” and it is a summery EDM/house anthem packed with an irresistible vibrance. It’s a collaboration with UK producer Tom Hall and British singer BB Diamond. “Sing To The Sun” has a feel-good, festival-ready allure effected by the perfect mix of energy, melodies and vocals.

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Light in Mirrors – “Dream On”

“Dream On” is an alt-rock song by Light in Mirrors trio. With a blasting instrumentation and awesome melodies, it is quite a euphoric track. The vocals and lyrics have a grabbing effect. Whatever your favourite genre, of music, “Dream On” feels invigorating.

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EIRENE – “Formula”

EIRENE is a new band from Denmark. Comprising Kristian Kolby (vocals), Sebastian Vistisen Toft (keys) and Klaus Ager Sørensen (drums), the outfit’s music style is genre-defying. Their self-produced new single “Formula” is the perfect illustration of this. Combining organic and electronic instruments, the groovy track carries inviting melodies and infectious rhythms. “Formula” is so additive and you’ll find yourself involuntarily singing and dancing along.

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SILKIN – “Remember Me”

Up-and-coming R&B/pop artist and songwriter SILKIN has dropped a new song, “Remember Me”. It was released as a single via Go For Gold Music Group. According to SILKIN, “Remember Me” is a reflection on how, at the end of a relationship, partners become strangers despite having spent so much time together. “It’s a weird phenomenon and I couldn’t wrap my brain around it. We all go through it and it’s absolutely heartbreaking each time. We don’t want to forget them and we don’t want to be forgotten,” she remarks.

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ASTN continues to croon his way into our hearts as he shares yet another impressive song called “WHAT’S IT GONNA TAKE”. Pairing it with a stunning visual directed by Olivia Shapiro of Cesar Alamo Production, the 22-year-old sensation shows us what true talent looks like. The slow-burning R&B/pop jam highlights the singer-songwriter’s exceptional lyrical and vocal abilities. “WHAT’S IT GONNA TAKE” is lifted from ASTN’s upcoming 5-song EP, It’s Not That Serious.

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the Kii x Yung Fume x Elijah Malik – “Flip the Switch”

Jan Lilienthal and Michael Nowatzky together form the German production/songwriting duo,the Kii. This innovative hip-hop pair continues to push its unique aesthetic and this time, the two did collaborate with rappers Elijah Malik (US) and Yung Fume (UK). The song is called “Flip the Switch”, a melody-driven hip-hop track punctuated by a punching bass. Malik and Fume take the cue from the producers to flex their flows and lyricism. About “Flip the Switch”, the Kii commented: “We came up with the beat during the first lockdown. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, and certainly not on a daily basis. Instead we got together to make music on Skype.”

<<Find the Kii, Yung Fume and Elijah Malik on Instagram>>

Adam Bü x Moodygee x GuGabriel – “Salvation 2k21”

Adam Bü and Moodygee are proving to be dynamic team. The Austrian dance producers have released a new collaborative track, “Salvation 2k21”. This is a rework of GuGabriel‘s 2012 hit, “Salvation“. Already an uplifting song, the duo’s house version boosts up the energy and bass to keep heads banging. “Salvation 2k21” is out via Global Rockstar Music.

<<Find Adam Bü, Moodygee and GuGabriel on Instagram>>

Dastic x twoDB x Over Easy x Linney – “Anywhere Tonight”

Out now on Revealed Recordings is this new progressive house banger, “Anywhere Tonight”. The track’s creation brought together Dutch producer Dastic, US duo twoDB and another American duo, Over Easy. It features vocals of Linney, who had already worked with Over Easy in the past. “Anywhere” is lively and carries sweet vocals that bewitches you after just one listen.

<<Find Dastic, twoDB, Over Easy and Linney on Instagram>>

Tomi Saario – “I Wanna Be Your James Dean”

Burgeoning Finnish singer-songwriter Tomi Saario is back with a bubbly pop cut, “I Wanna Be Your James Dean”. The song is taken off of his planned debut EP, I Think We Need To Talk. That project is scheduled to drop on May 14, with this single’s release initiating the countdown. About the infectious song, Tomi notes, “I get nostalgic for a time when this fast paced dating culture wasn’t really a thing and people gave each other time and effort. Nowadays everybody is so concerned about getting hurt that they actually never open up at all and instead end up playing unnecessary games with each other. I’m hoping we’ll still remember how to love one another in the end and stop idolising toxic traits. We should all be able to have that movie-like romance in our lives that we so desire, without the worry of getting ghosted or used.”

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Cash Cash x Phoebe Ryan – “Ride or Die”

Electronic music trio Cash Cash have just announced a new album that will feature the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Dashboard Confessional and WRABEL. Titled Say it Like You Feel it, the project will be released on May 14 via Big Beat Records. Alongside the news, they’ve shared a single off of the album. The EDM/pop song is called “Ride or Die” and features gifted singer Phoebe Ryan. “Ride or Die” is a romantic anthem about finding that one partner who’ll always have your back and you theirs. Phoebe’s angelic delivery adds depth to the lyrics.

<<Find Cash Cash and Phoebe Ryan on Instagram>>

Luh Kel – “F Love”

R&B singer Luh Kel‘s new single “F Love” talks about betrayal from someone you love. “I just got out of a relationship the week before recording this song. I was feeling all kinds of emotions. I was in LA for a recording trip, and that day me and my ex was going back and forth about something. I went in the booth, and I was just like ‘fuck love’,” explains the 18-year-old artist. He accompanied the track with a nice-looking music video directed by Terrius Mykel. “F Love” is out via Cinematic Music Group.

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