New Release Friday; songs out on April 30th

New Release Friday roundup is out. Listen to the Spotify playlist above and read about some of the songs below.

RUSSELL! – “Candy Red”

RUSSELL! shares a new single, “Candy Red”. The Canadian singer once again entertains us with his melodic brand of R&B. “Candy Red” has a chill vibe, thanks to the addition of warm guitar chords. The track was produced by KyleYouMadeThat and mixed by PATrizio Pigliapoco. It highlights the Toronto-based artist’s strong vocals.

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Purpose x BLESSED – “Go For It”

“Go For It” by South African-born Australian-based artist Purpose is now out. Featuring Ghanaian-born BLESSED, the Afro-pop track was produced Minimal Miggy and released on CrackedRecords. Not only does the song have an infectious rhythm, it is also addictively melodious. “Go For It” arrives paired with an awesome visual.

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DJ ZID x Amber Skyes – “About You”

Switzerland’s DJ ZID has unveiled a new single, “About You”. The track saw the Zurich-based DJ/producer collaborating with Kentucky singer-songwriter Amber Skyes. It is a retro-flaoured, club-ready jam with smooth vocals and a production that blends elements of disco, French-house and pop. “About You” emits feel good vibes you won’t be able to resist.

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Gracie Ella – “Lady”

Gracie Ella is introducing herself to the world with this beautiful song named “Lady”. The soulful R&B/pop track is an exhibition of the Toronto-based newcomer’s velvety vocals. It’s a passionate ballad with feel-good vibes. For our visual benefit, Gracie unveiled a beautiful video that encapsulates the smoothness of the track.

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pilton x ennex – “a little bit longer”

Emerging UK producers pilton and ennex have released a new collaborative effort titled “a little bit longer”. The emotive electro pop track carries an addictive hook that complements the amazing melodies. In terms of production, pilton’s atmospheric style meets ennex’s pulsating drums to give the track its cinematic soundscape. Effectively, “a little bit longer” is a huge statement from the two future stars.

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INA IVY – “Pricey”

“Pricey” is a saucy pop number from Swedish artist INA IVY. Out via ART:ERY Music Group, the song is fun and full of sass. The singer-songwriter and producer explains, “This song is about when people are trying to make you feel beneath them in everyday life but where they can’t get to you because you know your own worth. For example, a clerk in an upscale boutique maybe treats you like a bum, assuming you’re only browsing since everything according to them is way too pricey for your looks not knowing that you are the pricey piece in the store”.

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Nick de la Hoyde – “Stay By Me”

Australian artist and producer Nick de la Hoyde has shared a hearty new song, “Stay By Me”. The Sydney native recently had to deal with a health issue and wrote this piece after being discharged from hospital. He opens up, saying: “Sometimes it takes an unfortunate event to happen for you to wake up and realise the love around you. I was guilty of taking things in life for granted and at my lowest moment it was so clear to me what matters in life and what doesn’t.

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Ayelle – “Options”

Ayelle is the Swedish-Iranian singer-songwriter who, earlier this year, dazzled us with her splendid performance on producer Glasstempo’s single, “Halfway Love“. This time, she is releasing her own track named “Options”. This is a moody, trap-influenced electro pop song which is registered as the first single from her forthcoming debut album, VIII. About it, Ayelle remarks, “I wrote ‘Options’ when I was at a real low point a few months back. I know I’m not alone in feeling numb from loss and lack of opportunities and excitement during this pandemic. Writing this song let me take a closer look at all the doubts and feelings I’ve tried not to look at and give them a space to exist.”

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Afta Hill x Erfan – “Mullahs”

Iranian-Canadian artist and producer Afta Hill has reveled the visuals for his Erfan-assisted single “Mullahs”. The song is politically charged, addressing an array of issues ranging from immigration to corruption in Iran. The artists stayed articulate in their delivery over the hard-hitting trap instrumental. “Mullahs” is part of Afta’s already released, brilliantly titled, debut album, Tehranto.

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Femi Jaye x Mulako – “Sweet”

UK artist Femi Jaye has dropped another smooth Afro-R&B track, and a visual to boot. “Sweet” features singer Mulako. Together, the two deliver a melody-filled and totally infectious song. With flirtatious and lustful lyrics, “Sweet” is quite seductive. You’ll want to dance to this one.

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JuJu – “Piece Of Mind”

“Piece Of Mind” introduces us to the talented singer JuJu. The R&B song captures the upcoming artist’s emotional reflection about life. JuJu says she wrote it after dropping out of college to pursue music. Initially a poem, “Piece Of Mind” soon transformed into a powerful song.

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