EDM/House roundup: 10 songs you need to listen to

The latest Aipate roundup of EDM/house releases involves a careful selection of 10 songs we feel you enjoy listening/dancing to.

Sergio Ochoa x Floats – “Mean It”

“Mean It” is a new collaboration bringing together Swiss producer Floats and US vocalist/performer Sergio Ochoa. An EDM track with a great pop appeal, the track is packed with melodies, synths and lots of energy. The singer’s rousing vocals and passionate lyrics are geared towards to sparking romance. “Mean It” is out via Essential Music.

<<Find Sergio Ochoa and Floats on Instagram>>

MitiS x Danni Carra – “Without Me”

US dance artist MitiS recently released a new album titled Lost via Ophelia Records. One of the tracks on it is the melody-driven “Without Me”. This song features Danni Cara on vocals, and she does a great job bringing it to life. Prior to the album’s release, MitiS had impressed us with the single “Hurt”, featuring Zack Gray.

<<Find MitiS and Danni Carra on Instagram>>

Mathieu Koss – “The Beach”

In the heels of his “Don’t Leave Me Now” single with Lost Frequencies, French DJ/producer and songwriter Mathieu Koss returns with another one. Named “The Beach”, the playful, dance-pop track is all about welcoming the summer season. With warm vocals, delicious guitar melodies and fresh beats, “The Beach” will leave you singing and dancing euphorically. It is that irresistible!

<<Find Mathieu Koss on Instagram>>

Going Deeper x Maxim Schunk x KOYSINA – “Sing It Back”

Electronic DJ/producers Maxim Schunk (Germany) and GoingDeeper (Russia) have collaborated on a new track called “Sing It Back”. The track features Russian vocalist KOYSINA. “Sing It Back” is a Future house jam carrying sultry vocals and infectious energy. The track is out via Soave and Effective Records.

<<Find GoingDeeper, Maxim Schunk and KOYSINA on Instagram>>

VAVO x Tyler Mann – “Pieces”

Released not too long ago, “Pieces” is the latest single from UK dance music duo VAVO. The track features US artist Tyler Mann on vocals. With a melody guaranteed to stick in your head, “Pieces” is a sure bop. VAVO’s crisp production brings the best of Tyler as he delivers some amazing vocals. The song is out on KESS Records.

<<Find VAVO and Tyler Mann on Instagram>>

Bingo Players x Oomloud – “Touch Go”

Absorb some energy in form of this new anthem from the Netherlands. Out via UK label Perfect Havoc, the track is by two Dutch house music duos Bingo Players and Oomloud and it’s called “Touch & Go”. Filled with vibrant synths, punchy beats and sweet vocals, it’s a certified floor filler. “Touch & Go” will keep that party going beyond its expected length.

<<Find Bingo Players and Oomloud on Instagram>>

DVBBS – “Fool For Ya”

Canadian electronic duo DVBBS‘ have a new album on the way. The arrival of the LP’s first single, “Fool For Ya” elicited much excitement in the EDM scene. It is a high-energy track which was accompanied by an amazing visual. The duo states that: “‘Fool For Ya’ is the alarm clock to our new album ‘SLEEP’. Every song off this album represents a dream… Imma Fool For Ya.”

<<Find DVBBS on Instagram>>

Henri Purnell x Joe Cleere – “On My Way Home”

Henri Purnell received media attention after the release of his last single, “In My Feelings” featuring Gia Koka and Karma Child. The German producer seeks to maintain that success with his latest one named “On My Way Home”. It features vocals of Irish singer-songwriter Joe Cleere. “On My Way Home” is an emotional song delivered within an energetic house track.

<<Find Henri Purnell and Joe Cleere on Instagram>>

Dracon Raze – “Dystopia”

Kenyan EDM newcomer Dracon Raze pays tribute to Avicii on his his new single, “Dystopia”. The melody-filled track blends the late Swedish superstar’s signature style with elements of Dracon’s unique style. “Dystopia” features African-style percussion, rousing vocals and brooding lyrics. It is a great introduction to the emerging producer.

<<Find Dracon Raze on Instagram>>

The Giver – “Hold It Back”

“Hold It Back” is the newest release from rising Mexican producer, The Giver. The deep-house producer achieved notoriety with his 2019 single “Put the Work In”. This new one, “Hold It Back”, has a feel-good, summery vibe. Even if the pandemic doesn’t allow it, this song will surely transport you to a place of pure bliss.

<<Find The Giver on Instagram>>

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