Felix Cartal announces new album, shares “Only One” single feat. Karen Harding

UK pop singer Karen Harding joined Canadian producer Felix Cartal on his newest single, “Only One”. The release of this EDM/pop track coincided with Cartal’s announcement of a new album. Titled Expensive Sounds For Nice People, that project will arrive on June 25th via Physical Presents.

“Only One” is energy, melodies and emotions packed into one song. Harding’s strong vocals and affectionate lyrics, combined with the upbeat nature of the track, make “Only Me” so captivating. A summer-anthem contender, for sure.

Felix Cartal: “I wrote this one with Karen, Chelsea and Nick during a spontaneous session in LA. I feel like I have two modes when I make music, mode 1 would be something with an emotional heaviness and mode 2 would be a response to just break away and make something that’s more of an uplifting escape. It was the summer, and I definitely was in mode 2.

Karen Harding: “I loved this writing session. We were all on such a high and I think it definitely came across in the song. We wanted to write a song about that overwhelming feeling of when you know someone is ‘the one’, we’ve all felt it at some point.”

“Only You” now has a karaoke music video to accompany it.

Connect with Felix Cartal and Karen Harding on Instagram.


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