Pop music roundup: 10 songs to listen to

Aipate‘s latest pop roundup includes songs ranging from indie to electronic, alternative to mainstream.

James TW – “Butterflies”

“Butterflies” is platinum-selling UK pop singer James TW‘s latest single. An emotional piece, the song has since been accompanied by a gripping music video. “Butterflies” highlights the singer’s lyrical and vocal abilities. Its beautiful melodies will get you to sing along.

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Izabel – “19”

Nineteen-year-old Canadian artist Izabel penned a letter to self in her latest single. Aptly named “19”, it is a hip-hop influenced alt-pop song delving into teenage angst. In her own words, Izabel remarks, “’19’ is about aging another year and reflecting on all that’s happened. It’s a sad/angry teen song, heavily alternative.” For the production, an emotive guitar loop is combined with trap beat, giving the song its distinct flavour.

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Levon – “Wonder”

“Wonder” is a lovely country-inflected pop track and the latest single from Nashville-based trio Levon. Released via Gumdrop Records, the song exhibits the their strong vocals, evocative lyricism and captivating instrumentation. The band consists of lead singer/guitarist Michael David Hall, Jake Singleton (bass/vocals) and Ryan Holladay. The success of Levon’s previous single “Gravity” is a testament to the dedication of their growing fanbase.

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Josh A x guccihighwaters – “ANXIOUS”

Josh A is a fast-rising singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer who is making a name for himself thanks to his creative blend of pop, rock, hip-hop and electronica. His newest single is titled “ANXIOUS”. Featuring guccihighwaters and produced by Southern Beats, it is a melancholic pop/rap song about existential concerns. “This song discusses the constant uphill battle with depression and the unhealthy coping mechanisms I was using at the height of my addiction,” says Josh A.

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Kaelin Kost – “Lightning Love”

Kaelin Kost is only starting out but the 300 Entertainment artist has proved that her stardom is imminent. The young singer’s breezy debut single “Mulholland Drive” was released to much acclaim. For her second one, “Lightning Love”, she’s crafted a stripped down cut carrying delicate guitars and hazy vocals. “Lightning Love” was accompanied by a DIY-yet-compelling visual.

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ferdinant. – “Golden Days”

Dutch newcomer ferdinant. shared his “Golden Days” single about a fortnight ago. Paired with a visual accompaniment, the indie-pop track is lifted off of the singer-songwriter’s upcoming EP titled Airplanes. Back in January, ferdinant. released the single “Soothe” and left us perpetually impressed. “Golden Days” reminds us of the beautiful times that we’re currently missing.

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Dance Yourself Clean – “Tell Me If It Hurts”

“Tell Me If It Hurts” is a brand new single from US-based indie-dance outfit Dance Yourself Clean. The synth-heavy electro pop track features rousing vocals. Overall, “Tell Me If It Hurts” sounds quite refreshing. You’ll definitely sing and groove along to this one.

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Jimkata – “Hard Headed”

Alt-pop trio recently unveiled their retro-flavoured new single, “Hard Headed”. The song is meant to keep us engaged as we await their forthcoming album, Bonfires. Still, it’s a very solid release from the Ithaca-based band. A song about perseverance amidst adversity, it was inspired by the story of soldiers who had to stay away from their loved ones. Lead singer Evan Friedell explains, “we’ve all had to make tough choices, have faith and find inner strength to make it through this.”

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Hinsley x WTCHOUT x Faber Drive x Ashtøn Chase – “Superman”

Canadian artist Hinsley re-united with his former Faber Drive bandmates to create a new song called “Superman”. The track also features Norwegian producer WTCHOUT and Canadian artist Ashtøn Chase. An uplifting electro pop song, it draws a correlation between poverty and drug trade. “Superman” carries powerful vocals and amazing harmonies.

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joan – “so good”

“so good” is the latest release from Arkansas pop duo joan (Alan Benjamin Thomas and Steven Rutherford). The heartwarming and romance-driven piece arrives as the first single from an EP (actually two) that joan will be releasing via Photo Finish Records. “so good” has a feel-good vibe and was paired with a stunning visual. About the song, the emerging duo notes: “‘so good’ is about feeling like you’re meant to be with someone who just walked in the room. it’s about being around someone that just makes your life feel good. it’s about wishing that person was there your whole life, because you didn’t realize how good it could be. here’s hoping you have that someone, or hoping you find them soon

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