Mob Rich release their debut album Why No Why

Maxwell Joseph and Connor Pledger, the Los Angeles-based duo making music as Mob Rich, have finally delivered their debut album titled Why No Why. We were introduced to the outfit in 2019 through their single “Loser“. Back then, they went under the moniker ‘Moby Rich’. One thing that has remained unchanged, though, is their unique, alternative approach to pop music.

Why No Why indoctrinates fans — old and new — to Mob Rich’s elegant style. Throughout the 14-track project, which includes recently released singles such as “Made To Fall” and “Hell Yeah”, the alt-pop duo embraces honesty in such a refreshing way.

Mob Rich comments, “Our debut album is a collection of conversations we’ve had with each other over the years we’ve been friends. Those conversations found a way of turning into songs and those songs became very dear to us. We have constantly been asking ourselves the ‘why’ questions our whole lives, and we can’t wait for our fans to be able to listen to this album and hopefully ask those questions themselves.”

Why No Why arrived with the single “Funeral”, whose live-performance video you can see above. Listen to the entire album via Spotify. Also, check out Mob Rich on Instagram.


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