EDM/House roundup: 10 songs that should go straight into your playlist

Jarod Glawe x Robin Vane – “Belong To You”

American EDM producer Jarod Glawe‘s latest single “Belong To You” saw him collaborate with Thailand-based Dutch topliner/vocalist Robin Vane. The track also serves as Jarod’s first release on his own label, Blu Ember Music. “Belong To You” is an emotional and uplifting song. About it, the producer remarks, “I always love tracks that have a universal message, and love is something that every human has some sort of experience with, whether it be good or bad.”

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Waze x FABER – “Games”

Legendary UK electronic producer Waze (who is one-half of the Waze & Odyssey duo) has just made his solo debut with the release of”Games”. Out via Street Tracks / Good Soldier, this amazing house record features South London singer-songwriter FABER. “Games” has the hallmarks of a summer hit. It’s not a surprise that the song was added to English Premier League’s official training workout playlist on Spotify.

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Franc Moody – “Tired of Waiting”

On June 9, London-based collective Franc Moody are expected to unveil an EP titled House of FM. Ahead of the scheduled release, they’ve just shared a groovy new tune, “Tired Of Waiting”. The disco-tinged deep house track was created with intention of transporting the listener to place of pure bliss. According to Franc Moody, the track started as “a bass line and a trucking groove. Some Spaghetti Western, Ennio Morricone meets National Rail-style chugging guitar lines followed only to be finished off with some stabbing soul interjections from the colossus of Rhodes. Once run through the FM blender, those ingredients formed the basis of the track.”

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Vandelux – “Paper & Glue”

Dream State is the newly released EP by Canadian multi-instrumentalist, producer and vocalist Vandelux. The project is out on the label, TH3RD BRAIN and “Paper & Glue” is of the 6 tracks on it. Characterized by a booming bass, the song is quite immersive. Others include: “Baka”, “Free Drive” and “Hey Luma”

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SIN – “Oxygen”

Austrian duo SIN (Marvin Seifner and Jonathan Reiner) have a new single out. The track is named “Oxygen” and was released on Bias Beach Records, the label founded by Klangkarussell. “Oxygen” infuses SIN’s signature indie-dance elements and has an unmistakable mainstream appeal. The rousing vocals are particularly captivating.

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DV!DE (a.k.a. David Sasse) – “Keep Us”

After a couple of years honing his craft, German electronic-dance producer David Sasse recently re-branded and now uses the moniker DV!DE. His first single “Everything I’ve Ever Wanted” was released earlier this year, with the artist following it up with “The Future”. Now, he’s shared his third single called “Keep Us”. This is a melodic progressive house track with emotional lyrics and evocative vocals.

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Eleven Fly x No ExpressioN x Victor Perry – “50/50”

New York singer-songwriter Victor Perry engages us lyrically on the song “50/50”. The dance-inducing deep house banger is an international collaboration, with Russian producer Eleven Fly and Portuguese hit-maker No ExpressioN bringing their expertise on the production. “50/50” is a romance-hinged earworm you’ll struggle getting out of your head. The track was released on Soave Records.

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Boksay – “Addicted”

Boksay is one of the up-and-coming producers whose sounds are emanating from the exciting Amsterdam electronic scene. The Hungarian-born-and-raised newcomer only started out last year but is already proving to be one to watch. His latest release is called “Addicted”. It’s an upbeat track with enchanting vocals and lots of energy.

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Adam Griffin x Ando Loki – “Free My Mind”

“Free My Head” is a new collaboration bringing together UK producer (and Perfect Havoc co-founder) Adam Griffin and Ando Loki, the German newcomer whose identity remains a mystery. “Free My Head” is a catchy and energetic future house track packed with amazing vocals. The production on the track is brilliant, with the song continuing Perfect Havoc’s reputation as a label that churns out hits.

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FR3SH TrX – “Tonight in Los Angeles”

FR3SH TrX is a new project from Sven Hessel, the German producer, guitarist and owner of the label KHB Music. His debut single “Tonight in Los Angeles” dropped on May 7. The melody-filled deep house cut is designed to keep you dancing — and singing along too. “Tonight in Los Angeles” carries an addictive vocal hook that adds an edge to the track.

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