Fionn release Candid Constellations EP

Vancouver-hailed sisters’ duo Fionn have shared their Candid Constellations EP. Released via 604 Records, the project and its 8 upbeat tracks showcase the outfit’s new, retro-inspired pop style. The EP arrived with the music video for their vivacious single, “Hold Off”.

“Candid Constellations is the first fully pop record we have written and recorded. When the pandemic hit we were inspired to write more upbeat songs in order to lift ourselves out of the collective lull that Covid caused. We loved Dua Lipas record ‘Future Nostalgia’, The Weeknds 80s inspired tracks, and the general new disco wave that’s currently hitting the charts. We were really inspired to explore this new sound and have had so much fun with making it our own.”


The young Canadian artists worked with Josh Ramsey (of Marianas Trench band), who co-wrote three of the songs on the EP, including “Hold Off”, “Dirty Dancing” and “Spark”.

Watch “Hold Off”, stream the entire EP and keep up with Fionn on Instagram.

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