The Fey release debut album, Palm Tree Shade; listen

Inspired by a trip to Los Angeles, Nebraska-based alt-R&B outfit The Fey‘s debut album Palm Tree Shade channels the energy and glamour of 80s dance/pop. This sonic journey back in time was well captured in the funky first single, “Tear It Off”, which arrived last August. Palm Tree Shade is out via The Record Machine.

The Fey is centered around singer, songwriter and producer Zach Watkins and is completed by instrumentalists Michael Rogers (lead guitar), Ludwing Siebenhor (rhythm guitar) and John Fucinaro (bass). The band burst into the scene with their 2018 EP, Strawberry Lemonade. Their sound fuses soul, hip-hop, funk, pop and modern electronica.

Palm Tree Shades includes songs like “Blind To The Signs”, “Go” and “Love Is a Garden”. Stream the album and connect with The Fey on Instagram.


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