New Release Friday: 14 songs out on August 7th

From pop to rap tunes, fun to moody vibes, this week’s New Release Friday selection of songs is, in truth, quite interesting.

PRIZM – “Can’t Bring Me Down”

Get a fresh dose of retro-pop as you listen to “Can’t Bring Me Down”, which is the latest single by Dallas-based duo PRIZM (Danni and Krisluv). It is a fizzy, summery song packed with alluring 80’s synths. Besides the enthralling instrumentation, “Can’t Bring Me Down” is also quite empowering lyrically. The song is taken from the girls’ upcoming debut album All Night. That LP is due this September via the label FiXT.

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Duckwrth x KIAN – “Quick”

As the follow-up to his G.L.A.M.-and-Julia-Romana-assisted single “Coming Closer“, Los Angeles-based rapper Duckwrth is returning with another one which pairs him with singer KIAN. Named “Quick”, this song’s release coincides with the announcement of his major label debut; the album is to be titled Supergood. The song is riveting in its uniqueness. While KIAN’s hook is filled with smooth harmonies, Duckwrth’s verses are characterized by quick wordplay. The production plays with soft guitar melodies and ensnaring percussion. Simply, “Quick” is pure bliss!

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The Fey – “Tear It Off”

“Tear It Off” is a new funk/pop anthem by The Fey, an American outfit from Lincoln, Nebraska. Lifted off of the band’s upcoming debut album, Palm Tree Shade, it is the perfect first single. The track involves soulful vocals that are laid over a funky instrumentation, with the overall vibe being so infectious. Lyrically, the song juxtaposes confidence with blatant arrogance. Frontman Zack Watkins explains, “It’s hard to stay humble in a city like Los Angeles that’s built for the ostentatious. It’s time I let these L.A. highs take control.”

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Stark x Ayoni – “All out of Love”

Emerging British producer Stark has just unveiled a new song he’s named “All out of Love”. Arriving as his 5th single, the record features vocals of 21-year-old Barbadian singer Ayoni. “All out of Love” is very soulful and carries a groovy bass, lovely harmonies and samba influences. Overall, it’s such a refreshing piece. The two connected virtually after Stark had discovered Ayoni through a Spotify playlist. “All Out of Love is a summery single I got to make this quarantine with the wonderful Stark” says Ayoni. “It’s a liberating pop song from the point of view of someone who realises they deserve more from a partner, and can start by modelling that love to themselves. It was really fun to make and I hope it’s a lovely soundtrack to everyone’s days.”

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Benny Duhay – “Mexico”

“Mexico” is the debut single by LA-based rapper Benny Duhay. It’s a fun party song perfect for all summer celebrations. The artist says he wrote it while on a trip to the Mexican city of Cancun, with the nice beaches serving as inspiration. Musically, “Mexico” combines energetic hip-hop synths with pop melodies. Benny then holds his own with quite a smooth delivery.

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Natasha Fisher – “Never Ever”

Natasha Fisher‘s newest release, “Never Ever”, is a hard-hitting R&B piece about being overcome by a blemished relationship. Working with producer Madeat2am, the young Canadian singer-songwriter created a moody track that will resonate with experiences of their trust being betrayed. The track’s moody synths and drum beats sets the tone for Natasha to express her anger and disappointment. “Never Ever” is part of of the artist’s Ontario Arts Council-funded debut album, Millennial.

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Hoodie Mitch – SZN 25

Hoodie Mitch‘s new song and video “SZN 25” arrives after the rapper recently celebrated his 25 birthday (on July 31st). Delving into it, you’ll find it as a poignant song in which the artist reflects upon the rage and pain that surrounds each case of police brutality and racial discrimination. Admittedly, Hoodie, at one point, thought he’d never make it to be 25. The song feels heavy lyrically and is built around a track produced by Young Swisher and mastered by HUSHHOUSE. The rapper enlisted the services of director Lloyd for the music video.

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SoulChef x Hydroponikz – “Hands Up”

US-based emcee Hydroponikz and New Zealand producer SoulChef‘s new song “Hands Up” is a politically charged anthem that rebukes systemic racism. Underpinning the Black Lives Matter protests, it finds Hydroponikz expressing his frustration with the unfair treatment of certain communities. Sustained agitation is the message he preaches. As a release, “Hands Up” is second single from an upcoming collaborative album that Hydroponikz and SoulChef are readying. The project is to be titled NY2NY (New York to New Zealand) and its first single (“Last Time”) arrived last month, July 2020.

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Jackson Breit x Carneyval – “No Rain”

Singer Jackson Breit tapped Carneyval for his newest song, “No Rain”. The result is a groovy pop track with profound lyrics. The phrase ‘no Rain’ is used as a metaphor to describe the current state of life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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JONES – “Camera Flash”

East London artist JONES‘ new single “Camera Flash” is a tantalizing concoction of pop melodies and soulful harmonies. A mix of the singer’s sweet vocals, heartwarming lyrics and inviting tune gives the song an irresistible allure. “Camera Flash” comes accompanied by stunning visuals directed by Bjorn Franklin & Johnny Marchatta.

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Didirii – “The Critic”

“The Critic” is a just-released new single/video by Australian singer-songwriter Didirri. The folksy indie-pop piece was penned about a person’s excessive scrutiny of their partner’s actions in a relationship. While the artist was announcing his sophomore EP, Sold For Sale, he designated “The Critic” as its lead single. About it, Didirri says: “The act of criticizing something can often ruin it. It may seem like the most intelligent move to analyze your every action, but make sure you don’t over correct and start to see things beyond what is actually going on. Love needs to be free of criticism to flourish. You aren’t the expert in your relationship; you are half of the team and half of the problem.

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Kadeema – “I’m Still Standing”

Ontario duo Kadeema have a new track out. It is a pop-rock cover of Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing”. This release comes on the heels of the Kadeema’s 8-song debut, Napoleon Tornapart. “This cover was an idea that popped into our head at a time where both of us were experiencing the end of a very significant era in our lives. Separately, we went through a fair share of trials and tribulations, but we were both able to come out stronger at the other end of it. To feel like you’re still standing, better than you ever did, was a sentiment we felt very strongly about at the time so it was an easy choice. It’s also such an amazing song by one of greatest to ever do it. Why not pay tribute in our own way to the Rocket Man himself?

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Aubrey Toone – “Outrun”

For her latest single, emerging pop Canadian singer Aubrey Toone crafted an anthem for the dreamers. “Outrun” was written at a point when the artist felt so low. Essentially, it’s an undertaking to ‘keep going’ in spite of challenges that one might face. Delivered over an upbeat electro-pop instrumentation, “Outrun” provides a truly revitalizing a listening experience.

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Lee Cole – “Pink Dragons”

Johannesburg-based South African pop singer/songwriter Lee Cole is back with another bop. Titled “Pink Dragons”, the song is an appreciation of love. Specifically, it’s about that intoxicating feeling that pushes one to make the best out of a relationship. Cole’s stimulating vocals adds a compelling effect to “Pink Dragons”.

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