Update your playlist with these 10 pop songs

Whether it’s a multi-purpose or mood-specific playlist, it sure needs constant updates. Here are 10 amazing pop songs to consider squeezing in.

Jasmine Thompson – already there

In 2017, UK singer-songwriter Jasmine Thompson (a then 16-year-old YouTube sensation) paused her blossoming career for a stint as a waitress in a restaurant in London’s Soho district. Quite a remarkable experience for her, it has inspired her latest single & video, “already there”. The song sees the 20-year-old artist sing about a love that begins when two strangers meet in a bar/restaurant. Jasmine’s forthcoming all of the above EP is expected to drop later this year.

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Hauskey – “Cream Shirt”

Hauskey is showing no sign of slowing down. As his latest offering, the Australian pop artist did release “Cream Shirt”. This is a breezy song that mixes the charm of summer with the gloomy memories of a loved one. Says the emerging singer-songwriter: “‘Cream Shirt’ is about loss, and the last oblivious and blissful day you had before you found out you’d lost it; a partner, a family member, a job, a pet, normal life pre-covid, whatever it is. The day before a traumatic or life changing event is fascinating to me, you assume things will always be that way. And they never are, they come and go, so fast.”

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Shania Juzil – “Play To Tease”

An exciting up-and-comer, Shania Juzil shows us what she’s all about in new song “Play To Tease”. This sultry R&B/pop jam is laden with colourful melodies and an engaging, retro-inspired groove. Listening to it, you’ll marvel at Shania’s strong vocals and ability to transcend cultures with her music. For me, “Play To Tease” is enough to keep me jazzed up for her planned album.

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Tyra Jutai – “Frida”

Toronto’s Tyra Jutai showcases her creative brilliance on You Weren’t A Muse, a 6-track, conceptual EP that pays homage to singer/actress Mae West and her classic, 1933 movie, I’m No Angel. Similar imaginativeness went into creating the cinematic visual (directed by Piper Ellis) for the single, “Frida”. No idea or detail seems to have been spared. Tyra Jutai says, “The song ‘Frida’ was inspired by a beautiful woman who tried to hook up with my boyfriend while I wasn’t around. I really fixated on the psychology of understanding going after someone else’s lover. When I say ‘were you tortured by the same things that I was, running around looking for love to steal’, what I mean is that both Frida and I were lacking love and trying to find it where we could. In my case, I was lacking respect in my relationship, and in hers, I guess it could be lacking attention or affection”.

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Noah Kahan – “Part Of Me”

Noah Kahan and Republic Records present the singer and songwriter’s new single, “Part Of Me”. An upbeat indie-pop track, it carries Noah’s overwhelming vocals and signature storytelling lyrics. He says, “‘Part of Me’ is a song about someone looking back on an almost-romance and realizing that what felt like simply a passing moment of connection between two people was actually far more significant and represented a larger loneliness within. Drifting through life and avoiding feelings for anyone or anything is something I’m far too familiar with, and sometimes one experience with somebody can open somebody’s heart and force them to be vulnerable again. ‘Part of Me’ is about the realization that a seemingly insignificant moment can be far more important that you knew.

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Samantha Margret – “The Party”

A new song by Samantha Margret finds her in quite a seductive mood. In making “The Party”, the San Francisco-hailed artist worked with songwriter Juliette Reilly and producer John Caviness. “The Party” is flirtatious, zestful and carefree, with Samantha bringing similar energy to the nice-looking music video. “It’s so easy to get drawn into what everyone else thinks is cool or trendy, but that’s not really how we find joy,” she says.

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Bad Heather – “Not Giving Up”

Bad Heather is a 20-year-old singer and multi-instrumentalist from Utah, the United States. On 4th June, the artist released his self-titled debut EP, Bad Heather. The 5-track project arrived with the single “Not Giving Up”, a passionate song about a messy romance. This track is representative of Bad Heather’s sound.

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Travis James x Esteva – “Miss Those Days”

Canadian singer-songwriters Travis James and Esteva joined forces for a nostalgic duet named “Missed Those Days”. The melody-filled, indie-pop song tells the typical story of two ex-partners who haven’t quite moved on. “Missed Those Days” is so relatable, you’ll find yourself singing along. The track was produced by Kevvy.

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RVBY – “Glitter”

Working with producer producer Toby Scott, Bristol-based UK singer RVBY created this upbeat pop track. The song is named “Glitter” and it has quite an irresistible rhythm. But it’s also engaging lyrically, with the artist wearing her heart of her sleeve. RVBY’s talent is undeniable and that’s the reason she’s received support from top platforms like BBC.

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Hue – “Broken Love”

French duo Hue. (made up of producers Tom Huettner and Sam Schmelzer) made their debut on Spanish label Blanco y Negro Music with the song “Broken Love”. It’s an electro-pop track with a chill and inviting tropical house vibe. With its plucky synths and male vocals that ooze sensitivity, “Broken Love” will transport the listener to a place of both emotion and bliss.

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