Stream Call for a Snake, a new album by GEA

Finish alt-rock artist GEA‘s new album Call for a Snake invites the listener on a spiritual adventure. Its 14 richly textured tracks span genres including ambient, electronic, acoustic and tribal.

I was introduced to it through the title-track, “Call for a Snake”, an eerie and enchanting tune. GEA (also known as Laura Avonius) reveals that this concept album stems from the life-changing perspectives she acquired while practicing yoga. She’d been driven to take up yoga after her experiences in an unhealthy work environment.

All of the sudden the things that used to make sense to me, didn’t. I had many emotional and physical symptoms that led to a complete lifestyle change. I no longer couldn’t consume coffee, alcohol and meat. When we were in Hailuoto recording this album, I became aware of the concept of kundalini awakening, and realized that I had had one while writing it,” GEA explains.

Give the album a dedicated listen. Also, check out GEA on Instagram.

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