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Tyra Jutai – “Rebound”

Right on the heels of her recent EP, You Weren’t A Muse, Toronto-based Canadian artist Tyra Jutai returns with a new single called “Rebound”. It’s a lustful and sensual song with an R&B sound reminiscent of the noughties. Ottawa-born rapper City Fidelia who is featured on the track comes in with a solid verse. “Rebound” is about finding the perfect distraction to get over a heartbreak.

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SNAK – “Illusions”

SNAK is the music project created by Marc Brunsgaard, a producer from Copenhagen, Denmark. The artist did release his debut EP titled Thoughts a couple of months ago. Now, he returns with the follow-up, a single named “Illusions”. This track is not only uniquely crafted but also quite lyrically profound.

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Becky Hill x David Guetta – “Remember”

British singer-songwriter Becky Hill teams up with French EDM heavyweight David Guetta to release new single “Remember”. This track takes us closer to the artist’s scheduled debut studio album. “Remember” carries Becky’s signature stirring vocals. She couldn’t hide her excitement about both this collaboration and the upcoming album. Becky remarks, “My whole career has built up to this moment!”

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Tez Cadey x Wim & Mara – “No Place I Call Home”

French-American DJ/producer Tez Cadey has delivered a new EP, No Place I Call Home. For this project, Tez (who’s the artist behind the global hit “Seve“) created 5 wonderful tracks, including the title-track. “No Place I Call Home” features Wim and Mara and it’s so uplifting. Tez still has a lot in store for fans this year.

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B.J. Fisher – “Back to the Start”

Milwaukee singer-songwriter B.J. Fisher has presented fans with a new song, “Back to the Start”. This pop rock track arrives as the fifth single from his upcoming album, Night Reminder. The album was recorded in 2019 but will be released this summer. About “Back to the Start”, B.J. states, “It came out like a prayer during a time when I felt over burdened by the cares of this world and how I might carry on as an artist.

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Freedom Fry – “Colors”

French-American pop/rock duo Freedom Fry returns to our stereos with an amazing new track called “Colors”. A song about being true to oneself, this is their first English-language release of the year. Recently, Freedom Fry unveiled a French-language album titled L’Invitation. “Colors” is just so captivating. Musically, it carries bright melodies and an irresistible summer allure.

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Ina Shai – “What Is”

Slovenian-born London-based artist Ina Shai breaks her short hiatus with the release of a new single. This song is named “What Is” and it’s a soulful ballad filled with lots of passion. With a delivery which is both sultry and uplifting, Ina effortlessly showcases her strong vocal abilities. “The song ‘What Is’ was inspired by a deep, one-of-a-kind soulmate love. It talks about the beauty and intricacy of love as it leaves us wondering: ‘how do we know this is the real thing’? This song means a lot to me as I’ve written it whilst still in a relationship and now it sort of represents my goodbye to the person I was and everything I thought I knew about love. I think that showing love to yourself is the most important thing as only then we can truly love everyone around Us,” says Ina Shai.

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Jon Vinyl – “Stacy”

“Stacy” is a dreamy and mesmerizing R&B track with a beautiful touch of indie. It’s the latest single from Toronto singer-songwriter Jon Vinyl. Both passionate and anthemic, this song is THAT good. Jon’s strong vocals and ability to express emotions are on the showcase. “Stacy” is taken from a project that the artist will be releasing later in the year.

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OSKA – “Crooked Teeth”

Austrian indie pop singer and songwriter OSKA has released a new single christened “Crooked Teeth”. Alongside the song, the Vienna-based artist has unveiled an acoustic-session video. “Crooked Teeth” is haunting, thanks to the nature of OSKA’s vocals and her pensive lyrics. This piece is dedicated to the singer’s siblings who’ve all had to deal with the loss of friends. She notes, “So, it’s about losing people and, along with them, the ability to be as carefree as we once were. It’s about wishing they were still here, and that we could still laugh like we used to – carefree laughs with carefree smiles, crooked teeth and all.”

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Mark Mendy x HADES x Mathew V – “Love Songs”

An Italian producer and songwriter hailing from Genoa, Mark Mendy has been captivating listeners with his brand of vibrant electronic music. His latest offering, which arrives via Soave Records, saw him team up with his Romanian counterpart HADES. It is called “Love Songs” and features vocals of Canadian singer Mathew V. “Love Songs” is an infectious EDM/pop tune with emotion-imbued lyrics and arresting vocals.

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Girl in the Garden x Gold Hound – “Lose My Mind (Remix)”

As their second release, Miami-based EDM trio Gold Hound have joined forces with singer-songwriter Girl in the Garden (also known as Kate Plaisted) to remix her single, “Lose My Mind”. This track is livelier and more energetic than the original. Still, Kate’s vocals remain equally as haunting. “Lose My Mind (Gold Hound Remix)” is another brilliant release from the upcoming producers.

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Canyon City – “Paris”

“Paris” is the newly released song by American folk singer-songwriter and producer Canyon City (also known as Paul Johnson). This yearnful song is lifted from the artist’s forthcoming project, whose details are yet to be revealed. Speaking about this song, Johnson says, “’Paris’ describes a sort of nostalgic day-dream scenario in which the speaker is flipping through old memories like someone would flip through TV channels or home videos. The chorus is, more than recalling a memory, about revisiting and maintaining an emotion, particularly as it pertains to a relationship.”

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I Am Nova – “Don’t Wait Up”

Swedish pop duo I Am Nova (Carl-Oscar Korenado and Jonathan Larsson) are back with a new anthem. Calling it “Don’t Wait Up”, they did create a galvanizing indie-pop song about taking steps forward and away from a toxic relationship. The track is characterized by an effervescent instrumentation, euphoric chorus and powerful vocals. “Don’t Wait Up” marks a new beginning for I Am Nova, who’ve just signed with the label Docks.

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Adam Bü x Moodygee – “Worlds Collide”

The dynamic duo of Austrian producers Adam Bü and Moodygee are back at it. This time they serve up a exuberant track named “Worlds Collide”. This bubbly record carries a tantalizing female vocal and beautiful lyrics. “Worlds Collide” is out via the label Global Rockstar Music.

<<Find Adam Bü and Moodygee on Instagram>> – “Fire For You”

After taking a little break, Nashville-based singer-songwriter returns with a lovely piece. Aptly titled “Fire For You”, it’s a passionate song with overwhelming vocals and thoughtful lyrics. The single introduces her new, left-of-center pop sound. That means, and of course confirms, that we can expect a string of releases from her in the coming months.

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