Stream Purple BLUE, the debut album by Otis Kane

Led by the focus-track “Can’t Stay Away” and it’s Clara Aranovich-directed video, R&B soul connoisseur Otis Kane‘s new album Purple BLUE is a sublime body of work. Self-released, the project carries 13 amazing tracks.

This album is truly a step into my world,” says the producer-turned-artist. “Every song is a reflection of my life, all of the music a representation of my taste, and what moves me. Starting with the intro, my goal was to set a tone of free creative expression. Then take listeners on a journey through love, fun, insecurity, human nature, revolution, and back to love. All while diving in and out of Funk, Pop, Soul, Rock, and Blues inspired musical backdrops. If you listen from top to bottom, you can feel how the music and the stories exist together like different scenes of the same movie. I had so much fun creating this body of work, and I’m so excited to share it with the world.”

“Can’t Stay Away”, whose video is highlighted above, is a bluesy R&B cut. The song “Sweet Sensation” had previously been released alongside an awesome visual. Other tracks on the album include “Lost”, “Without You” and “Angel”.

Listen to Purple BLUE and checkout Otis Kane on Instagram.

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