New Release Friday: 17 new songs out on November 20th

New Release Friday roundup and Spotify playlist update is here.

David Ost – “Fire In Alaska”

David Ost is a brilliant songwriter. That becomes even clearer as the Hamburg-based German indie folk/pop artist releases a spellbinding new song. Named “Fire In Alaska”, the cinematic, Moritz Drath-produced track drops alongside an incredible visual created by Florian Nick. “Fire In Alaska” depicts the struggles of a couple struggling to keep their bond intact. The meaning goes deeper, alluding to the relationship between humans and planet earth.

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Sianon – “Boring, Happy, Beautiful”

“Boring, Happy, Beautiful” is a new song by Sianon (pronounced ‘Shannon’), a British singer-songwriting newcomer with Irish roots. The breathtaking ballad filled with a majestic piano. Lyrically, it’s about how love can create golden memories out of simple moments. “‘Boring Happy Beautiful’ is my view on the perfect relationship really, it’s not about lavish trips to Paris or 100 roses at my door, although I would not complain,” comments Sianon. “It’s about the nights sitting on the sofa laughing with your best friend, the ability to just exist with someone and for it to still be exciting and happy and beautiful.”

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whatshisface – “Magic Disaster”

After announcing himself with a stunning debut (“Moonlight”), American singer-songwriter and producer whatshisface returns with his second single. This one is named “Magic Disaster” and is, generally, a carefully crafted track. With a rich and ethereal soundscape, the song is dreamy and swayingly smooth. Speaking about it, the musician says “‘Magic Disaster’ is a song about being on the edge of a relationship and wondering what it would feel like to jump. It’s about the feeling at the start of something new and wondering if you can trust your own intuition. Sometimes the line between magic and disaster can be very slim

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Judi Jackson – “Crashing Soul”

Judi Jackson has returned with another jazz-fusion piece called “Crashing Down”. Arriving after she’d been named ‘Vocalist of the Year’ at the Jazz FM Awards, the song precedes her highly anticipated debut album which is due next year. Judi created this track alongside co-writer Tim Baxter and Grammy-winning producer, Tommaso Colliva. “Crashing Down” is a powerful piece, about which the artist comments: “As I went through so much pain in my life, I remembered that everything always comes back around …Karma, Yin and Yang, nothing lasts forever. Everything has a quality of impermanence and that is beautiful. No matter what is thrown at us in this crash course called life, we continue to drive, we get back up and we ride because we are strong”.

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Autumn Nicholas x Shame – “Way Up”

Autumn Nicholas has dropped a new EP titled Shades Of Beige. It’s a project that showcases her genre-blurring style. Her music ranges from R&B to soul, pop to folk. We are highlighting the EP’s focus-track, “Way Up”, featuring rapper Shame. Produced by Travis Ference and mastered by Lachlan Carrick, it represents the sonic direction Autumn took with the EP.

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Octopizzo x Idd Aziz – “Good Morning Africa”

Kenyan rap mainstay Octopizzo has unveiled yet another great album. Featuring Idd Aziz, Owino Kitoto, Suzanna Owiyo, Blinky Bill and Zzero Sufuri, the LP samples and experiments with various sounds. Highlighted is the song “Good Morning Africa” featuring Idd Aziz.

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Mandrake Handshake – “Gonkulator”

Oxford alt-rock band Mandrake Handshake have joined the independent UK label Nice Swan Records and, to seal their signing, they’ve shared a new single called “Gonkulator”. Pleasant and hypnotic, the track carries the outfit’s creative DNA. It was produced by Andy Ramsay (of Stereolab band) and has that awesome 5/4 groove. The music is simply euphoric!

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Jimkata – “Blessings In Disguise”

As they promised earlier, Jimkata have shared the single “Blessings In Disguise”. The alt-pop/rock 3-piece have accompanied the song with a nice visual. “Blessings In Disguise” delves into this age of the ‘side hustle’ and ‘gig economy’. Singer Evan explains, “We’re all just trying to get by in this age of growing income inequality and to be able to do what you love in the midst of that is special“. Musically, the track continues the band’s signature creative sound.

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POESY – “Diamonds”

Prepare to be uplifted with this new song from POESY, the fast-rising Canadian singer-songwriter. Named “Diamonds”, it’s a piece alt-pop magic. The song has a blissful singalong chorus that goes well with the track’s shimmering melodies. POESY’s vocals shines throughout and about the song she says: “‘Diamonds’ is at its core, a song about experiencing a dark time and trying to drag yourself through to the other side. It’s about the pressure you put on yourself that leaves you with dark inner turmoil. I’ve dragged myself out of that countless times so I hope Diamonds can do that for someone else. I called it Diamonds because they’re a substance that is made under huge amounts of pressure, but they’re also so valuable – just like we are. So be gentle with yourself”.

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Jason Powers – “Make Believe Control”

Los Angeles-based San Francisco native Jason Powers recently linked up with burgeoning producer Joey Massari for a new song. The result is this great record titled “Make Believe Control”. With a sound that deftly balances electronic and organic sounds, it’s an amazing pop-rock tune. It finds Jason Powers introspectively looking at our obsession with digital media. His passionate vocals is persuasive enough to earn the listener’s attention.

MONOWHALES – “BL/FF (Fake Friends)”

MONOWHALES is a Canadian indie-rock trio made up of Sally Shaar (vocalist), Zach Zanardo (guitarist/sound designer) and Jordan Circosta (drummer/percussionist). Currently on the roll-out of a new album, the band has delivered the upcoming LP’s second single ““BL/FF (Fake Friends)”. This follows the first single, “All or Nothing”. The new song is an energetic tune that’s sure to get anyone on their feet.

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Francis Moon – “Here We Are Now”

Swedish musician Francis Moon is back with a new record christened “Here We Are Now”. A pop-rock ballad, the song glimpses at past decisions while reckoning that however much such choices do hurt, everything turned out okay, if not better. He elaborates, “Sometimes life leads you to unexpected places away from what you originally wanted, but you realise that you’ve arrived at something you wanted even more.” The track is out via AlexrainbirdRecords.

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The King’s Parade – “Sister”

After “Brother”, UK pop-rock band The King’s Parade return with “Sister”. This new song, just like the previous one, is passionate and heartrending. With the outfit readying their debut album, this song gets us closer to that forthcoming release. “How Long?” was the first single shared off of it.

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Dana Williams – “Happy Holidaze”

For her first ever holiday song, soul singer-songwriter Dana Williams ensured she captured the essence of 2020. Reflecting on the difficult year this has been, “Happy Holidaze” is so evocative, thanks to Dana’s powerful voice. The artist wrote this piece alongside frequent collaborators Jordan Waré and L.3.G.I.O.N, who co-produced the track. “Happy Holidaze” urges us to seek happiness in life’s simple things.

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Otis Kane – “Fight For You”

“Fight For You” is the newest release from Los Angeles-based R&B newcomer Otis Kane. The chilled-down, romance-driven song takes the best from singer’s powerful voice. Alongside it comes a music video that captures the spirit of the song. “‘Fight For You’ is a song about REAL love. I don’t think love is ever perfect. There are always ups and downs— It’s always a battle, but if you want something, you fight for it. Anyone who’s ever been in love can probably relate to that in some way,” says Otis. The track was released independently by the artist.

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Yoji x Nico Bryant – “Christmas Bae”

For majority of people, this coming Christmas will certainly be different. R&B singer Yoji feels it would be even more unbearable without your loved one next to you. Her new song “Christmas Bae”, a duet with Nico Bryant, brilliantly captures the feeling. The song turns such an undesirable situation into a beautiful romantic singalong. It is the first collaboration between the two artists after they’d linked up on social media.

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dezabel x JVZEL x Ben Botfield – “Tell Ya”

Swiss producer and songwriter dezabel is back with another amazing record. “Tell Ya” features LA vocalist JVZEL and Manchester’s Ben Botfield. The R&B-infused electro-pop track arrives on the heels of his last effort, “Fade Away”. That song became a huge success, raking in impressive streaming numbers. Itself, “Tell Ya” is so captivating both lyrically and musicially. The singers’ impressive set of vocals are an icing on the cake.

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