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Another Friday means a new roundup and fresh update on Aipate’s New Release Friday playlist. Check out this week’s selection, which, as always, spans various genres.

LEEPA – ” i’m sorry, are you?”

misery loves company” singer LEEPA is here to dominate our stereos with a new single christened “i’m sorry, are you?“. The young German continues to make a name with her brand of fierce yet playful pop music. Her songs delve into uncomfortable, sometimes political, topics. This new one, while sounding like a love song, is actually about friendship. LEEPA explains, “Losing friends can be more painful than losing a partner – especially when the friendship has broken down due to circumstances that are no one’s fault. Even though time passes, distance prevails and life moves on at a brisk pace, one always mourns a true friendship. One may regret something or the longing may wear one down – but some people you have to love from a distance.“

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DJ Antoine x Mad Mark – “Bam Bam Bam (Put Your Hands Up [Everybody])”

Swiss musician DJ Antoine is ready to get crowds wild with his new track, “Bam Bam Bam (Put Your Hands Up [Everybody])”. Created together with producer Mad Mark, the record is out on the label Houseworks. Its vibrant, dance-ready instrumentation is matched by euphoric vocals and party-loving lyrics. “Bam Bam Bam (Put Your Hands Up [Everybody])” is a summer-anthem contender.

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Theo Tams – “Quit U Love”

With the arrival of the song “Quit U Love”, the roll-out of Theo Tams‘ compilation Trilogy II is complete. This new collection is the second part of the Canadian artist’s Trilogy EP series. “Quit U Love” is a deeply personal song for Theo, with the singer-songwriter indicating that: “When I wrote ‘Quit U Love,’ I was at the height of my alcohol addiction; it had become this very abusive relationship that I just didn’t know how to leave. I reached a moment of clarity where I started to see my addiction for what it was. I got up early the next morning and recorded the demo – this was the song that really started my journey into sobriety, which is where I am now. It was important for me to be honest because this song was written during active addiction, not afterwards when the mess was cleaned up…”

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Rachel Grae – “Lived It Twice”

New York-raised teenage pop singer Rachel Grae is back with a new song. Named “Lived It Twice”, it’s only her second single. Grae’s debut, “Bad Timing”, introduced us to her undeniable talent, something she’d spent years honing. “Lived It Twice” showcases not only her strong vocals but also her apt songwriting. It was inspired by a profound quote from actor Michael J. Fox, which says: “if you worry about something and it happens, you’ll have lived it twice.

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JUICYPEAR – “Just Begun”

Your favorite husband-wife duo JUICYPEAR have shared a new song called “Just Begun”. Continuing in their genre-averse, retro adventure, this track is a smooth, 70s-radio cut. Thanks to its swaying groove and soothing harmonies, “Just Began” feels super-breezy. Beyond the beautiful instrumentation, the lyrics are just so uplifting.

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eee gee – “All Or Nothing”

Danish singer-songwriter Emma Grankvist (also known as eee gee) released her debut single “Favourite Lover” last month. She’s now returned with another breathtaking indie-pop song, “All Or Nothing”. This acoustic-driven track also comes accompanied by a stunning visual. “All Or Nothing” is a thought-provoking piece soaked in melancholy. eee gee says: “‘All or Nothing’ is about feeling inadequate and sorry for yourself, watching everyone else succeed in life. You’re feeling paralyzed from your lack of actions, and slowly realize that you now have to work twice as hard to get where you want to be, because you’ve been snoozing your life away. It’s the unpleasant but important wake up call, the awakening from hibernation.”

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noelle – “Therapy”

noelle is an emerging Canadian artist you need to pay more attention to. The 20-year-old Wax Records-signee has just delivered a beautiful, new song named “Therapy”. Pairing it with a great visual, she invites the listener to an emotional experience. “Therapy” is about being there for a loved one who’s going through a hard time. The track’s moody beats and heart-gripping melodies find warmth in noelle’s affectionate vocals and reassuring lyrics.

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Kory Shore – “Blood Sweat & Tears”

Hooky and rich in melodies, “Blood Sweat & Tears” by pop upstart Kory Shore is simply gorgeous. The track’s upbeat pop instrumentation contrasts the vulnerability represented by the lyrics. With “Blood Sweat & Tears”, Kory questions what it is that makes him special. The Philadelphia-native singer’s amazing vocals are brought to the fore. It is exciting that he will be releasing an EP soon, with this being the penultimate single.

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TIEKS x AMWIN x Atlas Knox – “Would I Get In”

“Would I Get In” is a new collaborative track bringing together London-based DJ/artist TIEKS, producer Atlas Knox and singer Amanda Winberg (a.k.a. AMWIN). Out via Sweat Entertainment, this EDM tune is energetic, euphoric and dance-inducing. Punchy beats, exuberant synths, evocative vocals and thought-provoking lyrics characterize the song. “Would I Get In” has a summer allure you won’t be able to resist.

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Aash Mehta x ephem – “Back to You”

US-based producers Aash Mehta and ephem have teamed up to deliver this dance tune, “Back to You”. With a delicious bassline, engaging grooves and an enchanting female vocal, this track is simply irresistible. The production on “Back to You” balances ephem’s dance-inducing hooks and Aash’s emotional melodies. This track fits into any summer playlist.

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Ashwin Smith – “Joker & Murray”

“Joker & Murray” is a refreshing indie-pop track by Cape Town-based, South African artist Ashwin Smith. The fun, lighthearted piece was inspired by the movie Joker. It references the relationship between the characters Joker and Murray. Ashwin remarks: “…this song is about putting someone on a pedestal but as the relationship goes on you realise it’s not perfect and it’s probably destined to fail.”

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Florrie – “Street Lights”

Florrie is a British singer, songwriter and drummer from Brighton. Gifted with a powerful voice and ability to convey the deepest of emotions, she makes music that the listener easily relates to. Her latest release is called “Street Lights”, a retro flavoured pop track with a feel-good summer feel to it. Florrie says: “It’s about new relationships, and feeling like you can go anywhere or do anything as long as you have that person by your side. Getting lost in imperfect moments and not thinking or worrying about what’s to come

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Cubs Refrain – “Ladylike (Don’t Hold Her Back)”

“Ladylike (Don’t Hold Her Back)” is the newest single from Toronto-based Canadian duo, Cubs Refrain. Made up by Erin Roblin and Jordan Shew, the outfit utilizes analogue synthesizers and a modern approach to electronic production to create a sound which is part synthpop, part rock music. “Ladylike (Don’t Hold Her Back)” is representative of their style. Lyrically, it is so empowering.

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Cara Bateman – “I Wrote This For You”

Canadian singer/songwriter Cara Bateman‘s unmistakably strong and raspy vocals can be heard on her new single, “I Wrote This For You”. It’s a rousing, soulful song which is both personal and relatable. “I Wrote This For You” is an ode to the sometimes-painful journey of pursuing one’s dreams. In making the record, Cara worked with producer Yitzy (also played guitar and keys) alongside musicians Colin Weeks (bass) and Harry Tudor (drums).

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Watr – “Thot Activities”

Up-and-coming US artist Watr releases “Thot Activities”. This bouncy, hip hop-influenced R&B track arrives as the first single from his forthcoming project titled H₃O⁺. Written after a break-up, “Thot Activities” captures Watr lightheartedly expressing his current perspective, dating-wise. There’s a guitar melody in this track that I just can get enough of.

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Kryder – “Come Home Soon”

Acclaimed English DJ/producer Kryder signs his name on the Perfect Havoc register as he makes his debut on the label. Named “Come Home Soon”, this bubbly house track carries an emotive female vocal. Sonically, it doesn’t deviate one bit from Kryder’s signature style. The artist notes: “Living in Ibiza and daydreaming of when clubs will open again, I decided to fuse something more radio friendly together with my signature club sound and I was extremely excited that Perfect Havoc wanted to sign it; a label I have followed in recent years with an extremely infectious work ethic, artist friendly attitude and an amazing and passionate team. I’m very happy to be working on this project with them.

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