CLAVVS deliver new track named “O”; watch the duo perform it

CLAVVS is the New York-based, indie-electronic duo made of singer-songwriter Amber Renee and producer Graham Marsh. Having announced a new album titled O, they recently released the second single and title-track.

“O” is a sincere, encouraging and upbeat track which the outfit produced themselves before sending to John Horesco IV for mastering. Amber comments, ”‘O’ is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written. I used to spend days in various NYC cafes and coffee shops writing songs. I’d have a deck of Oblique Strategies cards with me, and on the day I wrote ‘O’, I pulled a card that said ‘Is it finished?’ So I wrote that question down in my notebook and suddenly this song poured out of me in like 10 minutes. I called Graham right then because I was just that excited about it. It’s about the circular nature of things, how maybe nothing ever really ends. The lyrics actually circle back on themselves, like a palindrome, to demonstrate their own meaning. I’m so proud to have written this song. It’s brought me some comfort, especially with my existential dread. Maybe “the end” isn’t what we think it is.

O, the album, is expected to drop on July 29th via the duo’s own independent label, Turn to Wind Recordings. Watch CLAVVS perform this new song and check them out on Instagram.

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