Rap music roundup: 10 new songs for hip-hop heads

Aipate‘s latest hip-hop music roundup is here. It’s an absorbing selection whose title could as well be ‘rap songs not for the casual fan’.

LG (Team Genius) – “YBM”

“YBM” is a lyrically abrasive, honest and politically-charged hip-hop record from LG (Team Genius). The bouncy track also has a fun element to it, something that LG explores as part of the Mad Circuit trio. A culturally conscious piece, “YBM” takes the best of the rapper’s lyrical ability as she articulates issues around police brutality, systematic racism and youth culture as pertains to the Black American community.

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Jehkai – “This Ain’t The Life”

Jehkai has shared a plaintive new song and a chilling video to boot. Named “This Ain’t The Life”, it sees the Compton-based rapper paint a grim imagery of the environment he comes from over an emotive trap track crafted by HoodWithAnotha1 and JM Productions Worldwide. “This Ain’t The Life” is haunting in its portrayal of the gun violence and poverty, with Jehkai fashioning it as a cautionary piece. The 19-year-old recently signed to Atlantic Records.

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Noa James x Nicky D’s x A.Cain – “Fuck Fear (Stone Cold Theory)”

“Fuck Fear (Stone Cold Theory)” is the newest offering from Californian hip-hop mainstay Noa James. The boombap-y track saw him link up with lyricists Nicky D’s and A.Cain. Produced by Evolve One, it has a gritty yet smooth feel. “Fuck Fear (Stone Cold Theory)” aims to help us dispel fear and be the best we can be.

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Milli Major x Deepee – “Family Feud”

UK rappers Milli Major and Deepee are uncompromising as they deliver this street anthem, “Family Feud”. The two can be heard taking turns dropping grimy bars over a bouncing drill instrumental. This release marks the second time Milli and Deepee are collaborating — they first linked up on “Madness”. Milli Major remarks: “‘Family Feud’ was created from a place, and at a time, when a lot of in things were happening in-camp both in terms of music and on in the streets. While street life isn’t necessarily relatable to everyone, Family Feuds are, and myself and Deepee both delivered that concept to create a vibe and make it sound wavey and enjoyable at the same time as hitting home. You can vibes to this one so much that you forget what the depth of the content is and just enjoy the music.

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Trizz x Edgar Sosa – “BadMF”

US emcee Trizz has released a one-take visual for “BadMF”. Featuring rapper Edgar Sosa, the heavily lyrical and grimy song arrived as part of the artist’s 2017 album, Ashes N Dust. This video was also shot that year but never saw the light of day. “BadMF”, like also the other tracks on the project, was produced by Ac3 Beats.

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J-Onyx – “Can’t F With”

J-Onyx makes her debut behind a veil. As you listen to her first single “Can’t F With”, however, a complete image of a fierce lyricist forms in your head. She articulate herself with an incredible ease while maintaining an awe-inspiring flow. J-Onyx is an exciting addition to the UK rap scene. “Can’t F With” came paired with an impressive visual.

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Dax – “Forgot About Dre”

Toronto rapper Dax‘s remix of Dr. Dre and Eminem’s “Forgot About Dre” is as good as it gets. Dre’s rage and Eminem’s unapologetic expressiveness are captured in a way that is uniquely Dax’s. He doesn’t just throws in some bars, he owns the song, infusing his dark storytelling into this classic. While the artist has made a name around his fierce lyricism and remixes, this is definitely one of my best from the Nigerian-Canadian.

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Uncle Nameless x Killah Priest – “Sovereign”

Different generations unite as Melbourne-raised artist Uncle Nameless and hip-hop legend Killah Priest unveil “Sovereign”. This boombap track is built around a sinister instrumental over which the two lay in some thought-provoking lines. “Sovereign” is a great release from Uncle Madness who is eager to make his mark as a musician. Besides rhyming, he is a producer who began playing instruments when he was 6.

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Rock Abruham x Kaimbr x Uptown XO – “Down”

Rock Abruham is a US rap artist from Washington, D.C. He released his debut album Thank You Very Much in 2018 and followed it with last years’ From the Mud. This time he returns with a new single “Down” featuring Kaimbr and Uptown XO. They trio pay homage to their hometown of Washington, D.C.. “Down” is heartfelt and introspective.

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Lady London – “Never”

From the content of her latest single “Never”, New York-born rapper Lady London clearly had a few things to get off her chest. This moody, Nigel Uno-produced track was accompanied by a sleek visual. Lady notes, “This record is my first child—the very first song I recorded the day I landed back in LA & discovered I had lost two years’ worth of my ONLY material on my hard drive. Every song I recorded in my entire career was on that disk. I bled my soul on this record. I speak of my journey through this vicious industry. I speak on the horrors of social media notoriety and even my past relationship. God placed his hand on this record because, for the very first time, I made it for me.

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