Hip-hop roundup: 7 songs to listen to right now

Aipate‘s last roundup of 2020 is a selection of 7 hip-hop songs ranging from melodic and upbeat tracks to boom-bap and chill tunes.

Pharaoh Santana – “Playboy”

24-year-old Los Angeles native Pharaoh Santana has unveiled the visual for his new single, “Playboy”. Directed by Brian Baldocchi, the music video is a befitting accompaniment to the song. “Playboy” is an uptempo melodic trap track produced by Balance Cooper. It sounds enjoyably upbeat and also reveals the rapper’s lyrical edge.

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K.O. Mason – “Take That”

Eastside Chicago rapper K.O. Mason is on the verge of a breakout. His new single “Take That” is not only an indication of his growing popularity but also his skillful rap style. The song — out via Next Level Entertainment and accompanied by a great visual — is indeed a quality piece. It involves great rap verses and a catchy hook that sit atop a bouncy track. The music video helps portray the 24-year-old artist’s admirable creative confidence.

<<Find K.O. Mason on Instagram>>

Marathon Domm x Philthy Rich – “Stamped Up”

“Stamped Up” is a new song by Marathon Domm featuring Philthy Rich. The track finds the two rappers going hard over an energetic-yet-chill trap beat. Alongside the song is a nice video that captures the vibes. While “Stamped Up” is generally fun, it also feels dark and grimy.

<<Find Marathon Domm and Philthy Rich on Instagram>>

Datta Boy – “Pull Up”

For his new single “Pull Up”, West Los Angeles rapper Datta Boy tapped producer Kenneth English. The result is anthemic hip-hop tune — and an ode to the artist’s street code. Datta sought the services of director Ralph Laurence Mariano to create the accompanying video which stars the late Tiny “Zeus” Lister. “Pull Up” is quite lovely song.

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Soulone Beats x Dekila Beatz x Mr. Skip x King Kamaal – “Reflection”

UK producer Soulone Beats and fellow track-smith Dekila Beatz joined forces for a collaborative new album titled Overseas Connection. Working with various emcees, they created 8 awesome tracks. Highlighted above is the song “Reflection” which features rappers Mr. Skip and King Kamaal. This is a lyrically enlightening and musically enchanting hip-hop piece.

<<Find Soulone Beats and Dekila Beatz on Instagram>>

Schama Noel x Masta Ace – “The Last Dragons”

Schama Noel‘s newest release is a track featuring hip-hop legend Masta Ace. The boom-bap record is titled “The Last Dragons”. With a lovely soulful sample and great production, the song is for the true lovers of authentic rap. Delivered over the amazing track is a set of enlightening rap verses.

<<Find Schama Noel and Masta Ace on Instagram>>

Dhan Dee – “Quarantine Christmas”

Dhan Dee is a hip-hop artist hailing from Chicago. He has just shared “Quarantine Christmas”, a Paul Norman-produced new song addressing the dull realities the COVID-19 pandemic. The emcee paints a picture of a Christmas characterized by solitude and boredom. This is further illustrated with the help of a stunning music video. “Quarantine Christmas” is about positive vibes.

<<Find Dhan Dee on Instagram>>

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