“Slow Drag” is a brilliant release from OCTAVIO the Dweeb

OCTAVIO the Dweeb is an emerging sensation whose brilliance is encapsulated on his newest single, “Slow Drag”. This alt-pop jam is super-infectious, to say the least. It’s a melodic alt-pop track whose production blends rock and lo-fi pop. “Slow Drag” has this hypnotic bassline that I just can’t get enough of.

In life, so many things don’t go how we plan and some things just aren’t meant to work out. But a lot of amazing things can happen when you take a step back that you could have never planned. Kind of like this song. I started writing a song and a few hours into it I realized I didn’t like it anymore haha. I went outside with the producer and writer I work with. We started smoking a joint and singing ‘take a slow drag’ as a joke. Next thing I know it’s my next single and it has turned into one of the most special songs I have ever written,” muses OCTAVIO.

The artist was born in Monterrey, Mexico born and raised in Kentucky, USA. Find OCTAVIO the Dweeb on Instagram.

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