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This week’s update on New Releases Friday playlist is live. Below, we’ve scribbled notes about fifteen of the songs.

Adeline x Joshua J – “Eternity”

R&B/soul songstress Adeline will be releasing her upcoming new EP on August 27 and she has just wrapped up the roll-out process with the release of final single, “Eternity”. This funky, disco-flavoured track features Dutch artist Joshua J. “Eternity” is a breezy summer song about embracing that love which catches you off guard. The aesthetic video that accompanies it carries a nostalgic feel to it. Adeline remarks: “I hope this record helps listeners stay open to pleasant surprises this summer as the world reopens.”

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marcos g – “17 anymore”

Emerging singer-songwriter marcos g enlisted David Herrera to direct the video for his latest single, “17 anymore”. Produced by Frequency, this is a guitar-driven pop track that finds the 24-year-old reminiscing about the relationships from his younger days. “17 anymore” has a lighthearted vibe which is transferred into the nostalgic and playful video. marcos will be dropping an EP named Looking for Something before this summer season ends. About this new song, he notes: “’17 Anymore’ is a song about a moment in the past. It’s a moment with someone that you love, or loved, but now that you’ve both grown up you’re two different people. Since the EP is centered around nostalgia and that feeling of missing the old days, a past relationship was a given, but this one talks about how sometimes moving on can be easy for one half while the relationship can stick with the other person long after.”

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Breikthru x SLATIN x dEVOLVE – “Ocean”

Breikthru and dEVOLVE are Florida-based electronic producers and frequent collaborators. This time, they joined forces with Russian-based, Spain-based house music mainstay SLATIN to release this future-house banger, “Ocean”. The tropical-flavoured song was crafted with beach and boat parties in mind. “Ocean” was released on dEVOLVE’s imprint, TURNT Music Media.

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Abigail Bleu – “Wife This”

US singer-songwriter Abigail Bleu re-introduces herself with a fresh new single, “Wife This”. Carrying her signature cheeky lyrics, the fun, vibey pop song was written with Pink Sweat$. It straightforwardly describes Bleu’s readiness for commitment. “…I’m ready for the next level of my relationship and I want this guy to make it official and ‘wife me up’. This song relates to all those girls in the same situation with a guy that they want to be serious with that needs to step it up if he wants to cuff her,” she states.

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Mercee – “Por Ti”

“Por Ti” is the latest offering from Zurich-based, Swiss artist Mercee. The Latin-pop track carries Caribbean influences and showcases the 23-year-old’s soulful voice. Sung in Spanish, it is about falling in love with someone and getting fully addicted to them. In turn, Mercee gets you to fall in love with her irresistible melodies. “Por Ti” was released on Treasured Soul Music.

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Jackson Breit – “Twisted”

Indie/alt-pop artist Jackson Breit returns with another magnificent piece named “Twisted”. With soulful melodies manifested in the singer-songwriter’s lovely vocals and an unmistakable Latin flavour, this sexy song will leave you obsessed. Jackson wrote and produced it himself. Lyrically, “Twisted” is about picking ambiguous messages from someone while you’re out and about.

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Young & Sick x MUNYA – “ANGELS”

For his newest single “ANGELS”, Dutch musician and visual artist Young & Sick paired up with Montreal-based, Canadian singer MUNYA. The result is a truly sublime piece of indie-pop track imbued with hints of jazz and soul. “ANGELS” arrives as the first taste of Young & Sick’s upcoming album titled BROTHER (due September 24, via B3SCI Records). The artist describes the track: “Saying what a song is about can be thorny. Explicating something that you had to claw from your subconscious is usually a clumsy affair, sometimes we have to approach ideas obliquely in order to address them all. It is much easier to say who the song is for and move on from there. So, let’s say this song is for our dumb-asses being alive, and then let’s say this song is about providence or grace.”

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Tover x Arlo x Emi Grace – “little bird”

Tover a new duo made up by up-and-coming US artists Arlo and Emi Grace. The exciting creatives have just kicked off this project with the release of the song “little bird”. This track is characterized by lively percussion, amazing harmonies and a clever blend of flamenco-style acoustic guitar riffs and electronic production. Arlo and Emi come in with their vocal duet that ensures you’ll be singing along as you dance to “little bird”.

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End of Code – “This Lightness”

“This Lightness” is soulful deep house music in its quintessence. The track is the latest release from Los Angeles-Monaco electronic duo End of Code (Nicolas Saad and Shawn Pereira). With rousing vocals and uplifting lyrics, “This Lightness” invites us to celebrate life with renewed freedom. Shawn states, “This song came just a few weeks ago as the world started opening up again. Nico began to feel the freedom slowly return and the chord he found personify. We began to make the music turn back to the celebration of life and finding another to share that wave with.

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Goldpark – “My Place”

Goldpark is a new indie rock band whose arrival to the scene has been embraced by many a music fan. They’ve now just released the song “My Place”, the fourth single from their planned debut EP titled One. “My Place” is an introspective song whose inspiration stems from a moment of self-refection that band member Wes Hunter was afforded by the dawn of 2020 lockdown. He offers, “…It’s really easy for me to blame someone/something else for a problem that I may be the cause of. Coming to terms with that fact helped me to realize how important the people you walk with are. It forced me to realize that maybe instead of appreciating all of the value that they bring I was using them as a metaphorical punching bag to distract me from my own disparity…

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HALAN – ” You’re No Good”

HALAN (pronounced ‘Helen’) is an Singaporean, up-and-coming producer and singer-songwriter currently based in Los Angeles. She’s just released “You’re No Good”, a new track that combines modern dance-pop with elements of disco. It was produced HALAN, with the artist incorporating booming bass and thumping beats. However, this is a notable contrast to the moody lyrics which were inspired by the realization that a friend of hers was actually not good for her mental health. She remarks: “I exploded with sass, recording the song with a ‘screw you, I don’t need you anyway’ kind of attitude”.

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The Fur – “Now I Like ’em”

Swedish artist/producer duo The Fur have dropped their second single, “Now I Like ’em”. The follow-up to their debut “Americana” (featuring vocalist Julia Ross), it marks another step closer to their planned debut album Night Eyes. The tropical house record combines sweet pop melodies with euphoric dance-pop beats. “Now I Like ’em” is a sure summer anthem.

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COSBY – “Savior”

Bright melodies come alive on German singer-songwriter COSBY‘s newest single “Savior”. It’s a summer-ready pop-dance track that gets you marveling at the young artist’s vocal talent and ability to evoke emotions with her compositions. “Savior” is about embracing and celebrating your yourself as you are and muting any voice that may try to diminish your sense of self-value. This is an uplifting self-love piece — and one hell of a bop.

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The.wav – “RIP OLD DAD”

The.Wav collective shares “RIP OLD DAD”. Released via Ra Réserve Records, this is the second installment in their Diamond in the Trenches series. “RIP OLD DAD” is about the need to let go of the kind of ideas people have about their parents. In the song, which was born out of rapper Stutzer’s struggle with bipolar disorder, he refers to his relationship with his father. Musically, the melodic and bouncy trap track infuses an Afro vibe.

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Charmplay – “Rush”

“Rush” is an indie-pop/rock tune from Dutch 4-piece, Charmplay. The uptempo track is infused with lots of energy and euphoria that will have you rising to your feet; I mean, it’s that dance-inducing! For new listeners, this is the perfect introduction to the band. Charmplay comprises of Robert Been, Sergei Christian, Kaj van Hooijdonk and Gio Sliwa.

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