Madison Beer – “Reckless” [Video]

In case you hadn’t seen it, here is the music video for US pop singer-songwriter Madison Beer‘s latest single, “Reckless”. Co-directed by Madison and Amber Park, the visual takes a fairy tale form, allowing the listener/viewer to get immersed into the singer’s melancholic world.

“Reckless”, as Beer had said while releasing the song, is about how easy it is for some people in hurt their relationship partners and then move on without any guilt.

Speaking about the video, she remarks: “I drew a lot of inspiration from classic children’s book themes for this video. I wanted the world for ‘Reckless’ to feel both disorienting and familiar, like a nightmare where nothing is what it seems and there’s no way out. Those are exactly the emotions I’ve gone through in relationships that have turned sour. When someone you’ve given all your trust to betrays you, you feel like everything you’ve ever known was a lie.”

Connect with Madison Beer on Instagram.

You can check out her debut album Life Support. We reviewed it here.

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