“Daylight Blows Into One Door” by Linying is simply breathtaking [Video]

About a fortnight ago, Singaporean singer-songwriter Linying delivered this breathtaking piece, “Daylight Blows Into One Door”. The hypnotic and delicate ballad was released alongside a clean and stunning visual. “Daylight Blows Into One Door” is the first single from the gifted artist’s planned debut album (details about this upcoming release are yet to be revealed).

Written by Linying and Chris Walla, the piano-guided song delves into one’s experience of happiness and loss. Thanks to the accompanying visual, the singer’s evocative lyrics feel even more vivid.

“When I was 12, my pet rabbit Bunny lay dying in my lap as my brother and I sang Death Cab For Cutie’s ‘I Will Follow You Into The Dark’ to him on an acoustic guitar. Songs and books taught me perspective in sad times from a young age, but a sense of melancholy has always coloured even the happiest moments of my life. When I feel on top of the world is also when I remember that so much of the love and happiness that I think is mine is really only lent to me, to be taken back someday – momentary, like daylight.”


Connect with the artist on Instagram.

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