New Release Friday: songs out on August 6th

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Holy Molly x Shanguy – “C’est la Vie”

Romanian songstress Holy Molly has teamed up with the Shanguy trio to release this dance-pop banger called “C’est la vie”. The sultry vocals of Molly and Eon Melka (the vocalist for Shanguy), combined with the track’s enchanting melodies, ensure this song is super-infectious. It has a romantic, dance-inducing vibe. “C’est la vie” is out via Global Records / Creator Records.

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iamnotshane – “Punch Me in the Face”

“Punch Me in the Face” is a new single from Los Angeles-based indie pop singer-songwriter iamnotshane. The upbeat track was released alongside a sunbathed and equally lighthearted visual. It marks the artist’s first release on Snafu Records. “Punch Me in the Face” carries honeyed vocals and alluring melodies that got my finger glued to the replay button. About it, iamnotshane notes, “The song is about needing tough love from a real friend, not the fake friends who tell you everything you want to hear. It’s a wake up call anthem.”

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Volléstad x Larakay x Skrilla – “Night Fever”

Norwegian producer Volléstad returns with “Night Fever”. The new track features Netherlands-based singer Larakay and US rapper Skrilla. “Night Fever” is a late summer bop made with a special flavour to keep you in the mood. On it, crisp production meets the vocal pair’s brilliance, with the result being a song that needs to stay on repeat.

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Cyanca – “Dancing Dirty”

Charlotte, North Carolina artist Cyanca reintroduces us to her smooth sound with a new single, “Dirty Dancing”. Released via the label Infinite Companion, the record showcases her multiple skills: it was written and produced by the artist herself. Generally, “Dirty Dancing” is a funky electronic-driven R&B tune built around an irresistible groove. Plus, Cyanca’s vocals and lyrics feel so refreshing.

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Alta Falls – “Sun In My Eyes”

After the success of their first two singles, Australian synth-pop duo Alta Falls are back with a third. The song is called “Sun In My Eyes” and it comes with a catchy, euphoric chorus. It was produced by Aidan Hogg, who worked on all the tracks on the emerging outfit’s upcoming debut EP. “Sun In My Eyes” exhibits a striking constant between its upbeat instrumentation and the brooding lyrics. The song tells a sad, anti-love story. Alta Falls says, “‘Sun In My Eyes’ is about a long distance relationship, where one of our mates had a girlfriend who left Brisbane to start a new job. They stayed together for a while, but eventually it ended when she left him for someone else. The song’s about how painful that experience was for him, and the feeling of losing your special someone forever.

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Sam Louis – “Die Tonight”

Toronto-based Canadian musician Sam Louis‘ latest offering is the track “Die Tonight”. It was created in collaboration with acclaimed mixing engineer Curtis “Sircut” Bye. This moody R&B-inflected electro pop track is characterized by punchy bass and dark synths. The production suits the lyrics perfectly, with Sam’s delivery also quite captivating.

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cimone x Jackson – “late nights”

“late nights” is an R&B/soul duet pairing newcomers cimone (Canada) and Jackson (US). It is cimone’s second single and helps set the mood for her upcoming debut EP. “late nights” is about that thrill of finding new love and the vulnerability embraced. The production process imbued the track with an Eastern/Asian flavour. This is such a sweet song.

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Sweet Crisis – “Ain’t Got Soul”

Emerging British rock band Sweet Crisis are back with a new single, “Ain’t Got Soul”. Released with a visual accompaniment, it arrives as the lead single from the band’s planned debut album, Tricks On My Mind. “Ain’t Got Soul” is a bluesy classic rock track which shows their pop and soul influences. The track is packed with both energy and uplifting vibes.

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Danny C. Tone x Tiffany Sharee – “Summer Love”

Big Mamas House Records presents the latest single from German DJ/producer Danny C. Tone. The groovy deep house track is named “Summer Love” and features Tiffany Sharee. With its arresting vocals and endearing lyrics, “Summer Love” is an enjoyable song that conjures warm memories and sweet nostalgia. The music is relaxing and engaging at the same time.

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Sam Helix x Sebastian Alm – “For Ya”

“For Ya” is the result of the recent collaboration between Dutch DJ and producer Sam Helix and his Swedish/Guatemalan counterpart, Sebastian Alm. The future house-leaning track showcases the emerging electronic artists’ impressive skills. “For Ya” is filled with invigorating synths and enchanting melodies. It’s a great club song that was released via the label, swerve collective creations.

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Sof – “fruit water szn”

With her debut EP in the offing, New Jersey artist Sof is ensuring we stay ready for the release. The singer has just shared a fun and uplifting song called “fruit water szn”. The bubbly electro pop cut was released alongside a playful visual that captures the joyful vibe of the song. Speaking about this release, Sof remarks: “Every year when summer begins I feel a huge shift in my body and mind; seasonal depression comes to a halt and I feel more motivated than ever. Whenever this time of year approaches I find myself meal-prepping, working out, writing a ton of new music, and prioritizing my mental health. I also try to stay hydrated as much as possible, so I end up carrying a water bottle with fruit in it everywhere I go.”

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K, Le Maestro x Amaria – “OUT LATE”

London musician K, Le Maestro will be releasing his debut album, WHIP MUSIC, on September 17th via Jakarta Records. “OUT LATE”, the upcoming LP’s second single, is now out. The track saw the producer team up with the talented Amaria. “OUT LATE” has a romantic vibe, with Amaria’s stimulating vocals fitting smoothly into K’s lush soundscape. The producer comments: “It’s one of them joints you bump in the whip while you driving around with nowhere to go. Just cruisin with a shorty or a person you really like, enjoying the vibes.

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Cuebrick x Manse – “Dream Awake”

German EDM producer/DJ Cuebrick and Indian heavyweight Manse have teamed up to create the anthemic “Dream Awake”. It is an uplifting progressive house track with stirring vocals and inspiring lyrics. It was released via Generation Smash. “Dream Awake” is a certified banger.

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