New Release Friday: songs out on August 27th

This week’s selection of new songs is now live. Check out the New Release Friday Spotify playlist above.

Faith Richards – “Shower Me”

“Shower Me” by American singer-songwriter Faith Richards is a beautiful piece of slow-burning R&B. It arrives as the first single from the 23-year-old artist’s upcoming debut album titled I’ll Bloom When I’m Ready. The track was accompanied with a gorgeous music video which captures the essence of the song. “Shower Me” is a vulnerable and powerful ode to self-acceptance. Faith noted, “…I stood, naked, and accepted every moment I’ve been through, every flaw I have, every burst of laughter I’ve expressed, every pain and every joy. I accepted all of me. The true, unedited, raw me. And I wanted to give her all the love and patience she deserves.”

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JyellowL – “See Me Finish”

Dublin-based rapper JyellowL tapped into his Nigerian roots on his latest single, “See Me Finish”. Produced by Tee-Y, the Afro pop track is engagingly vibrant. JyellowL comes in with his charming and energetic delivery, easily complementing the beautiful melodies. “…in Nigeria, we have an expression called ‘see finish’ which means over-familiarity by making yourself too accessible to someone, being too kind, etc essentially being taken for granted and that’s a red flag,” the artist remarks.

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Great Good Fine Ok x John Splithoff – “See Me Here, See Me Now”

Brooklyn, New York duo Great Good Fine Ok recently linked up with guitarist and singer-songwriter John Splithoff and the result was this irresistible song called “See Me Here, See Me Now”. Taking the best from both worlds, the retro-styled synth-pop track feels quite refreshing. Lyrically, “See Me Here, See Me Now” goes a little deeper. The duo comments, “It’s important to see the forest through the trees, but happiness comes when we also see the trees. There is so much beauty in them. We see our future through the present, the destinations through the journeys, the years through the days and it gives us a sense of purpose. But life is unpredictable and the forest doesn’t always exist. ‘See Me Here, See Me Now’ is a plea to stop pretending that life is more than the present moment.”

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KRYSTOF – “Want You To Know”

Young and emerging Austrian artist KRYSTOF is back with another brilliant release. This one is called “Want You To Know” and it’s an indie-styled and guitar-driven electro-pop song with lots of emotion. It’s basically a love song in which the singer reassures his significant other that he’ll always have their back. “This is a special song for my career: for the first time ever I felt confident to make fans fully feel my voice touching their soul. Based on a guitar riff and a catchy beat listeners will be driven into a contemporary ballad with an uplifting structure that I hope is going to make everyone listen to it on repeat.”

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Khi Infinite – “Love For Yah”

20-year-old newcomer Khi Infinite is showing no signs of taking his foot off the gas. The Virginia Beach native has just released his third single of the year and it’s huge. Blending alternative hip-hop and R&B, he created a chill tune that I surely won’t be getting enough of any time soon. “Love For Yah” came paired with a lovely visual. It’s the final single being released before Khi unveils his much anticipated EP, TAKE WHAT YOU NEED.

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Vescu x Bonnie Lauren – “More Than Friends”

Berlin-based singer Bonnie Lauren teamed up with DJ/producer Vescu (a fellow German up-and-comer) to craft this masterful EDM/pop track they called “More Than Friends”. The romance-hinged song is delivered with of tinge of melancholy. It describes the case of two ‘lost souls’ who attempt to save each other by forging a ‘more than friends’ arrangement, only to realize that true happiness could only begin when they focus on themselves instead of their past. The track is characterized by arresting melodies, emotive vocals and energetic synths, meaning you’ll be dancing and singing along with equal zeal.

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Private Agenda – “Neo-Nostalgia”

British electronic/pop duo Private Agenda are back to radio frequencies with a new jam, “Neo-Nostalgia”. The song is the first taste of their upcoming 12-track sophomore album named A Mannequin. Itself, “Neo-Nostalgia” was given a suitable title as it melds elements of disco with forward-looking, modern pop. A Mannequin is expected on October 22 via Lo Recordings (and will include a limited-edition LP).

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Bootleg Rascal – “Sharks (Remix en Español)”

After “Therapy”, Australian outfit Bootleg Rascal are back with a new track. This one is a Spanish rework of their hit single, “Sharks”. Christened “Sharks (Remix en Español)”, this version features a lovely flamenco guitar which combines smoothly with the groovy, reggaeton beats to create the sexy tune. The record finds band frontman Carlos Lara embracing his mother tongue, Spanish, to deliver a captivating chorus.

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Cat Marina – “Drop Calling”

Cat Marina, also known as Hugh Reilly-Smith, is an up-and-coming artist from Andover, England. The 22-year-old is currently gearing towards the release of his Elephant Things EP (due this coming November). First track off of the project is out now. It’s a funky, disco-washed pop cut named “Drop Calling”. Cat’s lovely vocals fit smoothly into the invigorating track.

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Cassie Marin – “Busy Body”

Los Angeles-based musician Cassie Marin has dropped her new single, “Busy Body.” It sees the Miami-raised artist, multi-instrumentalist and producer flaunting her angelic vocals over an ethereal indie-electronic instrumentation. Lyrically, “Busy Body” is a reflection on a world plagued by social media obsession and surveillance. Says Cassie: “‘Busy Body’ is about being a loner in a world where cliques never cease to exist.”

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Mikey Ferrari – “Truth Is”

Montana-born US artist Mikey Ferrari turned the anxiety brought by his relocation to Los Angeles into an introspective-yet-euphoric indie-pop anthem. Calling it “Truth Is”, the singer-songwriter spared no detail while juxtaposing a fake, confident lifestyle with the actual reality which is sad, uninspiring and far from what’s portrayed. “Truth Is” is him dealing with the impostor syndrome which he’s had to overcome. The song is nice, melodic song and relatable.

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Rebecca McCartney – “Remember Less”

The song “Remember Less” marks the debut for singer-songwriter Rebecca McCartney. It’s both affectingly moody and engagingly groovy. Produced by her friend and collaborator Jakob Leventhal (with whom she’s created an entire EP to be released later), the track fuses elements of R&B, rock and folk. Speaking about “Remember Less”, Rebecca reflects, “I wrote this song in my college house in Minnesota, thinking about the boy I had just left behind in New York, where I’m from. You can hear me working through the day-by-day loss of the tactile feeling of our time together as his memory got farther away, even as I was trying to convince myself I didn’t care.

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