New Release Friday: songs out on September 17th

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New Release Friday is a weekly roundup of new songs that we do add to the corresponding playlist on Spotify. Here on the blog, we write about some of the songs in the playlist. Check the notes below:

Andi – “Money”

While writing her newest song “Money”, emerging pop singer Andi kept it blunt and unapologetic. Out now, it is a critical piece calling out people’s attitude towards money. The buoyant track not only highlights the 19-year-old’s bold songwriting but also her stunning voice. About the song, Andi explains: “Having moved to LA at 16, I was exposed to a very toxic culture surrounding fake wealth, clout etc… As a young artist, it’s very easy to get caught up in the mix of it. Money was incredibly fun to make; it’s pretty much a diss track to the people who think they’re better than you due to their social status.

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Roiyal x Discofields – “Only You”

“Only You” is a flavorful tropical pop/house track from Swedish newcomer Roiyal. A guitarist, songwriter and producer, Roiyal is (and also created this track as) one-half of Discofields duo; the other member being his compatriot, Erlando. “Only You” has a chill, downtempo vibe which is rounded up by warm vocals and uplifting lyrics. The track is imbued with an irresistible melody.

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Jinxspr0 – “Heavy Heart”

In January, we introduced you to Jinxspr0 through his “In The Sky” single. Well, the rising US-based Indonesian producer is back with a blastful future house banger. Christened “Heavy Heart”, the song is so emotive, telling the story of unreciprocated love. Let’s just say the club dancefloor is about to welcome a fresh wave of emotions.

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Mojave Grey – “Fade Out”

Mojave Grey is a new band hailing from Southern California. Made up by Zander Bleck, Matthew Chiarelli and Michael Pozzi, the trio serve evocative desert rock. However, on their latest single, “Fade Out” they created a more upbeat tune. This song is so good you’ll have it on repeat. Even more exciting is the fact that Mojave Grey are readying a short film to accompany “Fade Out”.

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Tedious & Brief – “Not That Deep”

“Not That Deep” is a harmony-filled alt-pop number from Chicago native Jamie Jacobsen, a.k.a. Tedious & Brief. The song finds the 23 year-old singer-songwriter turning an imaginary breakup situation into a relatable experience. “Not That Deep” is about not letting yourself be consumed by heartbreak. The artist sums it up, saying, “‘Not That Deep’ comes from the perspective of a person who’s done thinking about that passive tweet; who’s ready to burn the shirt they were bought, who’s over writing songs about them; and—most of all—is done letting that person have power over them.”

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January Jane – “Your Drug”

January Jane has the New York spirit etched in its DNA. As the trio releases its debut EP titled Your Drug, you can’t help but marvel at the story behind the outfit’s formation. In essence, three musicians Pat Via (singer-songwriter), Mitch Mitchell (guitarist) and Peter Scialla (keyboardist) meet by chance and organically write their first song within hours. It’s such a vibe that you can find embedded into their music. You’ll feel it in the project’s title-track, an exuberant pop/rock anthem. The EP is out via Whiskey Vinyl/BMG.

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Haley Johnsen – “Goner”

Portland, Oregon artist Haley Johnsen‘s new single stemmed from a moment of existential musings. Called “Goner”, the indie-pop song ended up being a self-reassuring anthem. “It came to be about the romanization of nostalgia; the longing for what once was our youth and also the fear of death. It’s about my own internal struggle trying to stay present and at peace with who I am now, where I am now, and realize that my childlike self is still very much alive in me. It’s a reminder that I don’t need to be afraid or insecure with where I am in my life,” the singer-songwriter recalls. Released with a stunning video next to it, “Goner” is the first taste of her upcoming full-length album which promises to capture an array of emotions and moods.

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JD Cliffe x AYLØ – “Deeper”

North London rapper JD Cliffe teamed up with Nigeria’s AYLØ and together they cooked up infectious vibes which they packed into one lovely single, “Deeper’. Afro-pop, R&B and hip hop elements are blended together to create a sexy Afro-fusion track in which the artists’ cheeky lyrics and smooth flows and vocals sit in contrast to the bouncing instrumental. “Deeper” is repeat-worthy for sure.

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Sasha Lopez x Ester Peony – “Tatoué”

Roton Music presents a new single by Romanian artists Sasha Lopez (producer) and Ester Peony (singer). The dance-pop track is called “Tatoué” and it is characterized by a sweet oriental flavour. Listening to this, you instantly feel the groove take over your body. Peony’s tantalizing vocals are properly complemented by the enchanting melodies crafted by Sasha.

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Virginia To Vegas x MacKenzie Porter – “this sucks.”

Canadian singer-songwriter Virginia To Vegas‘ latest single came in form of a duet with MacKenzie Porter. Named “this sucks.”, the track is super-addictive, which is ironic, considering the brooding lyrics (and the title, of course). “this sucks.” captures that feeling of meeting the person who broke your heart. The music video that accompanied the single is equally captivating.

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Aria Rai – “youth”

“youth” is a new song from burgeoning indie-pop artist Aria Rai. It talks about the long-lasting impact of being in an emotionally manipulative relationship. Guided by an emotive guitar, Aria proceeds to engage the listener with her heart-wrenching lyrics and melancholy-drenched vocals. The beauty in “youth” explains why fans just can’t get enough of this rising singer-songwriter.

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Ice Meez – “Huh”

Northern Californian artist Ice Meez showcases his impeccable lyrical skills in a catchy new song, “Huh”. Stylistically, “Huh” marries the old and the new, creating a track that is just as gritty as it is vibey. The record came paired with a sun-soaked music video, transporting the listener to the streets where Meez usually grinds and plays. This one will have you rushing for the repeat button.

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