Watch Jon Bryant’s video for his blissful track, “Lightspeed”

After “Tied Up” and “Candied Tangerines”, Canadian alternative singer-songwriter Jon Bryant did release “Lightspeed” as the latest single from his upcoming new EP, PsychIdyllic Salutations. That project is scheduled to drop on November 26 via Nettwerk Records.

“Lightspeed” is a R&B-inflected indie-dance song. The track feels blissfully upbeat despite the lyrics stemming from a moment of reflection.

This song is about change,” Jon Bryant offers. “How fast it can happen. I remember during the week before COVID shut our lives down, I was out alone one night and suddenly realized the people I was with 30 minutes ago were gone, and I was with a whole new crew. It hit me pretty hard and I got thinking about how incredible moments and opportunities pass us by. How people we’ve known for so long change and its hard to accept that sometimes. I like change but I don’t want it to happen too fast…or get left behind.”

Watch the awesome music video and connect with Jon Bryant on Instagram.

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