Manpreet Kundi releases second single, “no one”

On October 1st, UK-based South Asian artist Manpreet Kundi released her haunting second single, “no one”. With a production so moody, the song fully brings out the singer-songwriter’s vulnerable side.

This song conveys the frustration I felt when the timing wouldn’t align for myself and someone I was hopelessly in love with. But when things changed dramatically, in all my delusion and naivety I thought I could make them feel the way they used to—knowing deep down it was likely too far gone. I felt that no one knew, saw or could ever so fiercely want them the way I did. Honestly, there’s still some truth in that. A sad tale of ‘you loved me then, why not now’?” Kundi reveals.

“no one” is quite a heart-gripping song. The singer’s expressive vocals accentuate the raw emotion felt in her lyrics.

Manpreet debuted a couple of months earlier with the song “something”. Stay with her on Instagram so as to never miss any details on her upcoming EP.

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