Listen to Rockers Control’s new album

Bruno Buarque (drums), Cris Scabello (guitar/vocals) and MAU (bass) are three Brazilian musicians who, for the past many years, have been making music together as Rockers Control. The reggae trio released their first album, Jacuípe Sessions, in 2008.

More than a decade later, they’ve returned with their second LP titled Presenting To You – Rockers Control Apresenta Cristopher Dilovah. It is a collection of ten greats songs that feature Cristopher Dilovah.

Opening track, “Peace & Love”, promotes the universal message of tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

“During the pandemic, we revisited the Rockers’ collection, which is huge, with older sounds, from our beginnings, as well as many newer ones. While the world was turned upside down, we searched for the effective and affective remedy of music. We’ve done a singles releases and we’ve paved the way for ‘Presenting To You.”

Cris Scabello

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