AKS returns with new song & video, “Parity”

Train Of Thought” rapper AKS is inching closer to the release of his forthcoming EP, As Plane As Day: Departures & Arrivals. He did set things rolling with his 2020 single, “Up & Up (Heavens Above)”. A year later, he shares the another piece, the equally soulful “Parity”.

The track is self-produced, with layers of live instrumentation being provided by musicians Adrian Remedy (guitar), Benjamin Muralt (bass) and Charlie Stacey (keys). “Parity” is quite a personal song.

AKS notes, “The song is about purpose really. The notion that we do the best we can for our kids so that their starting point in life is beyond where ours was. I’m sure that was also our parent’s aim, and in that from generation to generation, there’s a sense of commonality in that. Parity. I wanted to explore generational differences – both the things that separate us from the generations that came before us, and those points of commonality that unite us. Like, wanting the best for your kids is universal right?

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