House music roundup: 8 songs to add to your playlist

Your dance playlist needs constant updates and, surely, with these eight new tunes, you’ll have that feel-good vibe on lock.

Krewella x BEAUZ – “Never Been Hurt”

Krewella, the dance music duo of sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf, have unveiled their first release of 2021. They did team up with Asian-American duo BEAUZ (Bernie and Johan) and created this amazing new song, “Never Been Hurt”. The pop-leaning deep house banger is both melodic and hard-hitting. The passionate lyrics and stimulating vocals complete it into a song you’ll want to play on repeat. Krewella states, “The inspiration of ‘Never Been Hurt’ comes from the feeling of the body and heart slowly opening its doors again after being calloused by the pain of love. Surrendering to intimacy is a leap of faith, and in a way, memories of past loss or trauma become erased when we are ready to experience love again in its pure innocence.”

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Wankelmut x Xoro x Felix Samuel – “Good In Goodbye”

“Good In Goodbye” is a groovy EDM track by producers Wankelmut and Xoro and singer/producer Felix Samuel. The deep house jam carries lovely male vocals that blend smoothly with the instrumental melodies. “Good In Goodbye” is built around a pulsating beat that makes you want to dance the moment it comes on. The track is out via Perfect Havoc.

<<Find Wankelmut, Xoro and Felix Samuel on Instagram>>

FETISH x Neuro Dimension – “Bound”

Insomniac Records imprint IN / ROTATION have released a 10-track compilation project titled Rotate Vol 7. Arriving on November 30, it includes the track “Bound” which pairs American producers FETISH and Neuro Dimension. “Bound” is an infectious progressive house cut replete with delicious melodies. You can listen to the whole Rotate Vol 7 compilation on Spotify

<<Find FETISH and Neuro Dimension on Instagram>>

Mat Hours x Cysco Fiore x 1:AM – “Just Breathe”

Garden Cactus Records presents “Just Breathe”. This is a collaboration bringing together French producers Mat Hours and Cysco Fiore and Bahamian singer-songwriter 1:AM. Accompanied by a stunning visual, “Just Breathe” is a deep house track whose production features a bouncy bassline and amazing vocals. The song describes those moments when you have a strong mutual connection with someone.

<<Find Mat Hours, Cysco Fiore and 1:AM on Instagram>>

GRY – “In Your Sleep”

Originally from London, GRY is a DJ and music producer currently based in Taipei, Taiwan. The artist has a new single that arrived on December 3rd. Named “In Your Sleep” and released via DHARMA / Spinnin’ Records, the energetic slap house tune has a euphoric vibe. It is the followup to GRY’s 2021 hit, “Now Or Never”.

<<Find GRY on Instagram>>

Nicky Romero – “Why Do I Call”

Out via Virgin Records, “Why Do I Call” is a new dance-pop single from Netherlands’ very own Nicky Romero. Starting with soulful vocals, the track proceeds with addition of engaging beats. “Why Do I Call” is an emotive and rueful ode to chasing the past. Listen to the song and let the heartfelt lyrics and uplifting melodies fill your soul.

<<Find Nicky Romero on Instagram>>

Hot Tub – “Tonight”

As a producer who writes and sings on his releases, Canadian artist Hot Tub excels in each of these crafts. On his latest track, “Tonight”, he delivered an awesome house track that carries his vocals, keys and guitar. With lyrics that remind us that we don’t necessarily need a lot of money to have a good time, “Tonight” surely feels vibey. Effectively, the single will help build the anticipation for Hot Tub’s upcoming EP which is expected early next year.

<<Find Hot Tub on Instagram>>

DJ Marlon x okafuwa – “Arabian Nights”

“Arabian Nights” is a tropical house record by Italian producer DJ Marlon. The song features singer okafuwa on vocal duty and was released via OXYTIME Records. With a production filled with Middle Eastern melodies, “Arabian Nights” totally brings out the vibe hinted by the title of the song. Give it a listen and feel the vibe!

<<Find DJ Marlon and okafuwa on Instagram>>

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