New Release Friday: songs out on February 4th

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With the New Release Friday now fully updated, here are six of the songs selected as part of this week’s roundup. Artists featured include Shébani, Classified and Samica.

Shébani – “Burn Me Out”

Born in Iraq and raised in The UAE, where she is currently based, Shébani combines natural talent with eclectic influences, the result being music which is totally alluring. Her newest release is a splendidly made R&B track called “Burn Me Out”. The song describes the emotional trauma and trust issues carried from one relationship to another. Shébani’s vulnerable delivery makes the song much more resonant with the listener.

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Numa Edema – “Coming Home”

The song “Oslo” introduced us to Norwegian soul singer Numa Edema. Well, the artist is back with another sublime piece. Called “Coming Home”, it is a love song with that classic ‘Motown’ feel. Numa’s gladsome lyrics and passionate vocals are heart-melting. He released the song alongside a video that finds him performing the song together with a 15-string orchestra.

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Samica – “Summer of ’99”

Samica is a San Francisco-raised singer-songwriter who has just shared a new single, “Summer of ’99”. It is a delicate and personal indie ballad which, for new listeners, will be a great introduction to the Indian-American artist’s intimate songwriting. “This is a song that reminisces on all the innocence of young love that could have been. It’s about what every generation has in common: love and heartbreak,” Samica reveals. This song follows her 2020 EP titled Call Me.

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Classified x Breagh Isabel x Brett Matthews – “All About You (Retrospected)”

Canadian hip hop artist Classified‘s new song called “All About You (Retrospected)” carries one solemn message: do whatever makes you happy and disregard other’s expectations. Of course, this is something we hear about a lot. However, Classified and featured artists Breagh Isabel and Brett Matthews‘ lyrics are filled with so much candou. “All About You (Retrospected)” is one of those songs that will have you reflecting on your life.

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Kabrio x Aérotique x Marphil – “Paradise”

Bringing together Swiss producers Aérotique and Peter Hartmeier, Kabrio is a newly formed electronic outfit specializing in vibey deep house music. You get a taste of this as you listen to their new track, “Paradise”. Out on BonFire Records, the vibey song features vocals from Italian artist Marphil. Be it a car or relax-mode playlist, “Paradise” will be a perfect addition.

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Jess Bays x Jack Hawitt – “Cold Love [Acoustic]”

DJ/producer Jess Bays has once again teamed up with singer Jack Hawitt, this time delivering an acoustic version of their earlier single, “Cold Love”. While the original is a bouncy house tune highlighting Jess’s dynamic production, this new offering is completely striped-down. On it, Jack flexes his vocals as he sings alongside a gripping piano. “Cold Love” is as emotive as the song-title suggests.

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