Cate Tomlinson bares her soul on “notes app apology”

Crossing into our radar is Cate Tomlinson, a burgeoning singer-songwriter from San Francisco. She recently released a magnificent piece named “notes app apology”. The vulnerable song highlights not only her splendid vocals but also the brilliance in her songwriting.

Cate Tomlinson said of the single: “”I wrote this song about stress-writing text apologies in my Notes app; ‘notes app apology’ wallows in the paralyzing period of time where you know a relationship is all wrong and you need to get out—but you haven’t left yet. I found myself in a toxic situation and still had the instinct to protect the relationship and hold onto this person. I wrote about realizing they thought they could say anything to me thinking I’d always be there, and coming to terms with the fact that the time I spent drafting texts in my Notes app to put us back together was time wasted.”

With the artist’s star getting brighter with each new release, you’ll need to keep tabs on her. Follow her on Instagram.

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