New Release Friday: songs out on February 18th

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New songs from Felix Saunders, Jo-El Sii, Organa, among other amazing tunes, make this week’s update on New Release Friday playlist.

Freedom Fry x A-F-R-O – “Mr. Nobody”

Exciting indie band Freedom Fry joined forces with rapper A-F-R-O and created “Mr. Nobody”. This alternative hip hop track effectively blends their respective styles. A dark, introspective and sanity-questioning anthem about loneliness, “Mr. Nobody” describes the empty feeling of being the last one left on earth. The lines “I have friends, but it’s not the same/ it’s just a bunch mannequins with different people’s names” perfectly sums up the song.

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Felix Saunders – “Fool That I Am”

UK singer-songwriter Felix Saunders has released a heart-gripping new piece he named “Fool That I Am”. This is the follow-up to I Guess This is Progress, his 2021 EP which included the single “King Of Nothing”. On this new song, Saunders stays as vulnerable as ever. Musically, “Fool That I Am” is an upbeat indie-folk track with pop and indie-rock influences.

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Jada O’Neill – “Waves”

As she shares her debut single “Waves”, Leicester-based singer Jada O’Neill makes it an exhibition of her cultural influences. She was born in the Caribbean island of Barbados and raised in Antigua & Barbuda. With “Waves”, she crafted a soulful R&B song that paints a picture of heartbreak. Altogether, it is an arresting slow-burner that you’ll definitely have on repeat.

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GueGue – “Zouker”

GueGue is a Berlin-based trio whose style exists at the intersection between rhythmic West African sounds and electronic dance music. Following their single “Ça Dose”, the outfit is back with another super-infectious tune. The new record is called “Zouker”. It’s a euphoric club banger laden with intoxicating synths, captivating beats and buoyant vocals.

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Dillistone x Mougleta – “Emotion”

Producer Dillistone (Denmark) and vocalist Mougleta (Canada) are two artists who’ve engraved their names indelibly in the electronic scene. They recently linked up in Berlin for a writing session and got to discuss at length what love is. The result is “Emotion”, a stirring deep house track. “We’re two single twenty somethings so there were so many ways to interpret it, but no matter what way we looked at it the feeling was universal – your heart being open and giving. This song is what that feels like to us,” comments Dillistone.

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Jo-El Sii x Free.Vurz – “Blessings”

Out on DKA Money Music is Ghanaian artist Jo-EL Sii‘s new single, “Blessings”. Featuring Free.Vurz, it is an amapiano-influenced Afro pop track with fresh, invigorating vibes. The song finds the pair expressing gratefulness for all the blessings they’ve received in their journeys. “Blessings” was produced in Lagos, Nigeria by Froshtunes.

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Sophie Powers x $atori Zoom – “U Love It”

Following “Clearview” featuring NOHFINNCE, teenage punk-rock sensation Sophie Powers is back with another zestful banger. Named “U Love It”, the track features rapper $atori Zoom. “U Love It” was paired with an equally wild and energetic visual. About the song, Sophie explains, “The song title ‘U Love It’ alludes to the feminine power that the song itself carries. My intentions while writing this song were to prove that you can feel pretty and desirable while feeling dominant and powerful. Even with all of the amazing change happening right now, it still feels like there’s a lot of stigma surrounding the idea that to feel ‘feminine’ you cannot be strong and independent-minded.”

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Anomalie x Masego – “Memory Leaves”

Montreal-based producer Anomalie did team up with Grammy-nominated R&B artist and saxophonist Masego for his new song “Memory Leaves”. The jazzy and gently soulful track is lifted from Anomalie’s forthcoming album, Galerie (arrives April 29 via Nettwerk Records). The two artists met in 2017 and Anomalie did speak about his thrill in collaborating with Masego. He says, “Working on “Memory Leaves” with Masego was invigorating. I found an amazing creative partner, and I’m still very much inspired by that session and the way the track came together. I was blown away! I hope this one resonates with you as much as it did with me when I first heard Masego’s chorus come to life!

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The Kubrix – “New Generation”

Danish girl group Kubrix have just delivered their debut single, “New Generation”. It’s an empowering indie-pop/rock song that sees them rally for unity in humanity. Besides the galvanizing lyrics, the track is filled with colorful melodies and swaying harmonies. “New generation” is the perfect introduction to the 5-member outfit.

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