Pop music roundup: 8 songs to add to your playlist

Because you’ll probably need to update your playlist(s), here are eight amazing pop songs to consider.

KELS – “Not Your Angel”

The debut single from US singer KELS is just incredible. Christened “Not Your Angel”, it is an electro pop banger. The production is heavy on bass and reverb, complementing the artist’s attitude and blunt lyrics. KELS indicates that “This song has so many different meanings to me, and anyone can connect with it in their own way. This song is about letting go, not living your whole life worrying about every single opinion other than your own. It embodies being you and finally saying ‘screw you’ to the mold that society tries to force you into…”

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Virginia To Vegas – “no excuses”

Derik Baker is the American-born Canadian singer-songwriter who makes music under the moniker Virginia To Vegas. At the beginning of this month, the artist released a 3-track, new EP called it’s a little complicated, but I’m okay. One of the songs is “no excuses”, an upbeat and colourful pop number. The other tracks are “outerspace” and “amnesia”.

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Lauren Waller – “Dopamine”

Los Angeles-based newcomer Lauren Waller makes her own brand of silky smooth pop. That sound is well encapsulated in her latest single, “Dopamine”. Embellished with one hell of a hook, the song is melodious and super catchy. “Dopamine” is about the thrill and danger of falling in love too fast. The record is independently released.

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93FEETOFSMOKE x phem x Tosh the Drummer – “Fucked Over”

Singer/rapper 93FEETOFSMOKE has a new single out called “Fucked Over”. It is a collaboration with phem and Tosh The Drummer. The pop/rap piece is affectingly emotive. Explaining the lyrics, 93FEETOFSMOKE remarked: “It sucks to get played by someone you trusted. Or to find out that one roommate you found off craigslist has been stealing your things and then helping you look for it. The message to me is really localized in that moment of “seeing the light” and realizing your gut was never wrong.

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Brooke Day – “get well soon”

“get well soon” is the newest release from singer-songwriter Brooke Day. The punk-influenced pop song is another brilliant offering from the emerging star. It is characterized by candid lyrics and wonderful production. About the track, Brooke noted, “This song is about how, ‘it’s not me, it’s you.’ It’s telling someone that they must be sick cause of the way they treated me, so I half-heartedly wish them to get well soon cause karma will take care of the rest.

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Alexa Cappelli – “broke & lonely”

Alexa Cappelli finally shared her new EP, Confused @ 22. Arriving with the project is the new single “broke & lonely”. Accompanied by a lovely visual, the song delves into some of the causes of anxiety in young adults in the digital era. Speaking about the whole EP, Capelli said: “Confused @ 22 is my second EP, filled with the most honest songs I’ve ever written. Each one supports the other while also standing alone. At first listen, one might say it’s full of fun upbeat songs about a young adult‘s experience. However, the majority of them have made me cry in some way or another.

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CALL ME DIO – “Be w/ u”

It’s a strong start for CALL ME DIO as the UK singer-songwriter releases his debut single, “Be w/ u”. This indie-pop ballad is about the burning desire to be with someone. The artist delivers his romance-hinged lyrics with so much fervor. An acrostic version of “Be w/ u” is in the offing.

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Tessa violet – “YES MOM”

“YES MOM” by Oregon-born artist Tessa Violet is a certified bop. Tessa’s latest release, the dance-inducing alt-pop anthem is the first taste of her forthcoming second album which drops later in the year. “YES MOM” burst with energy and sass, positioning Tessa as a household name. The song has already achieved virality on TokTok.

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