R&B music roundup: 6 songs you need to listen to

Six songs with different flavours form Aipate’s latest R&B music roundup. RAHH, Coline Creuzot and Tim Lyre are three of the artists being showcased.

Gracie Convert – “Right Way”

“Right Way” is the first release of the year for London-based singer and DJ, Gracie Convert. The moody, experimental R&B track features a remarkable vocal delivery from the rising artist. Lyrically, “Right Way” finds Gracie in a contemplative mood. “I think when things aren’t going smoothly, it’s natural to hope they’ll change and want to stick around, but how long for? There are only so many times you can let things slide before you start resenting that person. That’s the space I was in when writing this,” she said, while speaking about the song.

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RAHH – “Weave My Web”

Manchester-native singer RAHH has a new single called “Weave My Web”. It is billed as the first offering from her upcoming debut EP. “Weave My Web” is a sultry and lustful song that showcases the artist’s velvety voice. RAHH comments, “‘Weave My Web’ tells the story of toxic desire and lust for someone that you can’t have, whilst teetering on that fine line between ‘like’ and ‘slightly obsessed’. It’s about patiently plotting and planning your move in order to ultimately entrap the one you want, just like a Black Widow spider – they are notorious for catching their male prey and eating them. The production comes with an understated sexy coolness that matches the playful narrative perfectly.

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Tim Lyre x Lex Amor – “Hubris”

Quick-rising Nigerian crooner Tim Lyre‘s debut album titled Worry < is on the way. Ahead of that highly anticipated project, the artist recently shared “Hubris”, a single featuring North London rapper Lex Amor. Conceptually leaning towards Greek mythology, this song encourages confidence. Tim explains, “‘Hubris’ is one of my personal favourites. It’s a song to inspire confidence. I had been going through a period of self-doubt. This song kind of reminded me I was on the right path. Also, couldn’t have asked for a better feature than Lex Amor, she was floating on the track.”

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Coline Creuzot – “Sometimes”

Coline Creuzot has revealed the colourful visuals for her latest single, “Sometimes”. Produced by Happy Perez, the track was released late last year and is a truly stunning piece. Coline co-wrote “Sometimes” written with Sam Hook. Generally, it is a creamy, soulful R&B tune that brings to the fore the artist’s lyrical and vocal prowess.

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dezabel – “Why I Really Need”

Songwriter and producer dezabel is constantly releasing music. The Swiss creative’s latest offering is “Why I Really Need”, a melody-laden, pop-inflected R&B jam. The yearnful lyrics find great warmth in singer Jazelle Paris‘ alluring vocals. Speaking about this beautiful creation, dezabel said,”Why I Really Need’ is about that one person you find that you can completely be yourself with. They know you inside and out and both accept and heal your vulnerabilities.”

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Muva Dame – “Owtside”

Muva Dame is a singer from South Jamaica, Queens, New York. The 24-year-old has just released her debut EP titled Denasia. Its intro track “Owtside” is an enjoyable slow-burner and a great introduction to the EP. Denasia is 12 tracks long and includes previously released songs “Tell Me” and “Girl Code”.

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