Laura Elliott shares “Better Off Alone” video; watch

Laura Elliott is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter whom we’re keeping tabs on. The young American artist continues to impress, especially with her solemn lyrics and heart-gripping vocals. Her latest effort is a folksy, indie-pop ballad called “Better Off Alone”.

The ruminative piece was penned at the end of a relationship. One of the first songs Laura wrote, it helped her discover her love for songwriting.

The artist divulges, “I wrote ‘Better Off Alone’ after my first heartbreak coming out of high school. It was a way for me to process and put words to my feelings, which kickstarted my love for songwriting. It’s basically me reflecting on the end of the relationship and cutting contact with that person, navigating life without them and missing them but knowing that chapter is closed. I think it’s easy to remember the good memories and idealize a person, but you have to remind yourself of the reality of the situation and why it’s healthier for you to be on your own…

The song has since been accompanied by a beautiful visual. You can connect with Laura Elliott on Instagram.


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