Watch Neon Dreams’ “Little Dance” video feat. Majozi

Here is the latest from Canadian alt-pop/rock band Neon Dreams. It’s blissful track called “Little Dance”. The Halifax-based duo created a riveting music video for the song.

Speaking about the inspiration behind this piece, vocalist Frank Kadillac revealed, “After finishing our first tour of South Africa we decided to go shark diving. I had a phobia of drowning but felt it was time to face my fears.I jumped in the water and opened my eyes. There was a shark staring right at my face, my heart was pumping so I panicked. As I was collecting my breath I started hearing this melody my head that kept getting louder..I left the Ocean to grab my phone and record the melody which eventually become the chorus of Little Dance. Days before while attending a meditation retreat, i was walking through the garden observing how life works through the birds and little annoying flies when I had a perspective shift. those little annoying flies were not annoying, they were dancing. They were finding purpose. They were falling in love. they don’t live long. but they do their best to enjoy each moment from sun up to sundown...”

Enjoy the song and video.

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