See Anna Shoemaker’s “Until I Die” video and stream her debut album

Over the past couple of years, Brooklyn-based artist Anna Shoemaker has been one of the standout indie-pop newcomers. Well, she has just released her debut album, Everything is Fine (I’m Only on Fire).

This LP delves into the life of a young adult trying to wade through love, loss and mental health. Anna explains, “Everything Is Fine (I’m Only on Fire) is made up of bits and pieces of my diary over the past two weird years. It’s about a fascination with self destruction but also redemption. It’s about forgiving yourself when you have every reason to hate yourself. It’s about falling in love when you have every reason not to trust. This album is a destruction fantasy. It’s about burning down expectations until the only thing left is you.

Focus track “Until I Die” arrived with an intoxicating visual by its side. You can see it above.

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